Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bonkers do da Moog

As I haven't done anything crafty today I thought you might like to see this photo of the Moog. Whilst I wouldn't advocate throwing stones at dogs, if you throw them slightly to one side so they have no chance of catching but still have the thrill of thinking they can you will have:
a.) a very happy Moog
b.) no expensive veterinary dental work :)

Not bad jumpage for an old girl of 12 though, eh?

This was taken one evening summer at our favourite local country park that overlooks two oil refineries - oh, the fresh air and exercise ;o).

Today has again been mostly based in the garden. DH and F-i-L have replaced our back fence, we have pruned, made a tent out of bamboo canes and old duvet covers; stuck some sausages (not the Sausage but boy it was close at times today!) on the barbie and I have wandered up to DH numerous times clucking and doing my v best endearing chicken impression.

We now have a lovely area cleared at the bottom of the garden that DH sees as decked, civilised, shaded eating/outdoor relaxation area - I see as a totally fab chicken run. I may have to resign myself to never being a Chucksmum.

We had one of those great end of a long sunny day family chats about how we could use this newly claimed space. Minx and Sos both agreed that chickens were a good idea but then things got surreal - sheep, a pig, a pony, a bull (from the boy who wants a pet Yak if we ever could afford to have a 'place in the country' )- heck my chicken idea was starting to sound mighty reasonable!!

I have had a bit of time to do some blog lurking on some of the blogs on French Knot's site. She has a great list there so take a look. Here are a couple that I started with Raspberry ; A Stitch In Time and Betz White there are many more and I am off to see them in a minute ;)

My last bit of today's ramble:
When I finished work I decided I wanted to teach myself/learn new things/try something new every day - today it was coffee walnut cake - yum. Tomorrow I think it is going to be baking bread. Got to go as batteries are going on my mouse and DH had just brought me a cup of tea and a slice of coffee cake :) (Can you tell I used to be a Weight Watchers Leader? ;o)).


Bethany Hissong said...

I like the Yak idea! Very unique ;)
And your husband is a sweetheart... save some of that coffee cake for me!!!

Lesley said...

This is the dangerous bit tho' - it's now Monday and I'm on my own with all that coffee cake. Ah well, two slices down...