Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It seems like only yesterday when we were in Woolacombe (below) eating chips after a long day on a hot beach. It was a month ago. Today it is very much heating on, socks on and thinking of breaking out the slow cooker!

At 7.45 this, very cold, morning I couldn't find the Minx. Sausage told me she was in the garden. Sure enough she was, in a sleeveless nightie and pants, no shoes. I said 'What are you doing?' (or words to that effect!) and she replied quite logically 'Playing with the dog'. But of course.

As the Sausage was still off school today, wheezing like a 60 a day man, it has been pretty quiet craftwise again. I did break out the machine and work on these some more, in readiness for making into various bits and pieces.

I've a yearning to sew some skirts for Minx and I and would you believe I don't think I have the right fabric!!! I think I'll have to make it the right fabric whether I like it or not, as I don't even think I dare go charity shopping with all that fabric I've acquired recently. Hessian skirt anyone?

I have fallen for this beautiful dress and am sure I could come up with something similar for Minxie. You guys out there are so inspiring :o)

I think I'm going to break out the soldering iron and play with a bit of fabric fusing for an hour or so now. The plan is I have a day to myself tomorrow so fingers crossed I can make something.

Thought you might like a photo of this fool to round things off. That's a mighty big stone heading her way - can't remember if she missed or not as it was weeks ago!