Saturday, September 22, 2007


Things could be changing round here soon. DH has an interview soon for a new job that would involve a big house move if he gets it. As a result we need to get this place ready to go on the market just in case. We've been here 6 years and the house needed a lot of work that is still not finished. Today has been about planning and paint buying. We have lots of half-finished rooms. So for the next few weeks I will be painting, painting, painting but believe me I will be crafting too. I'm a craft addict so need my fix!
Before the onslaught we have decided to treat ourselves to a day out in the New Forest tomorrow. It is very local to us but the last time we went was way back in May before my Mum died.
Here's how it looked on our last visit:

So beautiful.
We're taking a picnic and lots of pots for blackberry picking and the cameras to capture the goodness of this beautiful place.
We might even stop off for a bracing walk along the beach at Leap or Barton-on-Sea (where you can get the best fresh cooked chips from the kiosk in summer). Moog always likes to cool her paws with a dip in the sea after a long walk.

Saturday's here are all about ferrying kids to swimming, dancing, football etc so no time for crafting before bedtime. I did a little more needle felting last night but haven't taken photos yet. This evening I may knit or sit here browsing all those lovely crafty blogs you are all putting out.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx


Bethany Hissong said...

Good luck to your husband on his interview... sounds like you are already moving in your minds! It is not fun to move (I did it 3 times last year!!!) but at least the house gets more organized and hopefully the clutter that you don't want, leaves! The woods look lovely and so does the ocean!

Lesley said...

I know that feeling Bethany - we moved twice in a year - Sausage was 10 months old & I was 4 months pregnant the 1st time. Then 10 months later we moved with a 4 month old baby & 20 month old toddler. It's such a blur now!