Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fat bottomed cats

Sausage is back at school and I obviously have far too much time on my hands! Having promised both kids a handmade cuddly of their choice if they: kept their rooms tidy (ish) for a week and didn't have to be nagged (much) about getting ready for school, I set about fulfilling my promise.

The Sausage Monster is very accomodating and likes a teddy from one of my pattern books. The Minx on the other hand saw this Kitten on this site that is showing beautiful soft toys - but of course no patterns.

I set myself the task of coming up with a pattern myself. I have looked over all her cuddlies and checked out their gussets (!) to get some ideas. I then drafted a pattern and left room for adjustments.
I got really into it and buried myself (literally) in the task:

My prototype didn't quite come out right:
Neck too thin
Head angled a bit too much
Won't stand up - maybe needs much more stuffing than the one whole bag I used
Chest too wide
(I drew eyes on, this time, so he could see for a bit!)

Oh, and bum too big!

Yes, I know he/she doesn't have ears and a tail - those I can do - it was the rest of it that bothered me.

Now I suppose I could, with some more work and dedication, perfect the prototype and get there eventually. However, I just don't think I can be fagged! Sorry Minx.

What I probably will do though is tweek the design a bit on Hillary Lang's free Pointy Kitty pattern (which I just love) until it resembles the chosen one a bit more - and then hide all the pictures of the one she actually wanted!

What would life have been like if I were someone that finds fulfillment in housework,TV and magazines? Answer: cleaner, tidier, sweeter smelling but not half so much fun!!

How lovely - nearly time to pick the kids up from school and it's pouring with rain. I think 'Ice cream Wednesday' may have to become 'mug of cocoa and a chocolate biscuit Wednesday'.