Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hello Dolly and Greetings Earthlings. . .

I was feeling quite bleurgh this morning - as you do, and decided that rather than give into it I'd better enlist the help of my Personal Trainer and Walking Buddy. Her name is Dolly and isn't she pretty?

In need of some groceries and a trip to the library (don't even get me started on the librarian - I got the one that you would not call 'user friendly') Dolly and I set off on our three mile round trip. However, in this spirit of go for itness we did what a lot of us do when embarking on a renewed fitness regime. We overdid things - Dolly over-exagerated her Tardis-like proportions and I felt the burn a bit too much. This is what we lugged home and it was all the heavy stuff:

My shoulders looked like Arnie's, my arms like an orang utans and poor Dolly bust a gut and now needs a little running repair on her drawstring area :-(
I came home and ate a healthy lunch and made the mistake of sitting on the sofa. An hour later I woke with that lovely fuzzy, drooly afternoon nap feeling. So no crafting done so far today but I do have plans to sew/knit/crochet this evening.
In the meantime, fellow Earthlings, I would like to extend the hand of friendship to Morg Porg de Snorg from Zorg who zoomed down to the Sausage Monster's bed a couple of weeks ago, after hearing his heartfelt pleas for someone to sew him something for once :o) The Sausage specifically requested that I post a photo of Morg for all to see - and to think I thought this blog would be 'just for me' ;p
I hope to have some crafty goodness to share tomorrow. Have a great day :o)


Bethany Hissong said...

cute, cute, cute! I get requests all the time... I decided to teach my kids to sew so they could start making things themselves!!

Lesley said...

Good idea, I'll give it a go, Lx