Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oboe he didn't

Sausage Monster has gone into school today, eagerly clutching his form to choose a brand new musical instrument. He surprised us all by choosing the oboe, closely followed by violin or flute. His reasoning was that he would be able to play Hedwig's tune from Harry Potter, which is the tune played by the teacher doing the oboe demo :o) Not having a musical note in my body I do hope he gets on well with it - just the look of it terrifies me!! So many keys!

It's been a bit of a pottering about aimlessly not quite focussing on anything sort of a day. Never mind that I have hundreds of fantastic craft blogs, 3 notebooks, 2 folders, 3 knitting WIPs, 1 crochet WIP and goodness how many books to inspire me I just haven't got the umph to launch into anything in particular :( . Must be the hormones!!

I've made myself do these just so that I had something to show for my day:

The flowers are inspired by Alicia at Posy Gets Cosy and the hairband is from Amy Karol's book. The flowers are lovely to do and much easier than they look. The hairband was nice and quick to whizz up so at least I have a couple of finished articles. The 'patchwork' panel will probably be made up into a bag. I fancy trying some different styles of bags so am gathering ideas at the moment.

I managed to squeeze in a very quick trip to a charity shop ;) and came home with these vintage curtains. I love the anemone one and can really see that on handbags. I think the grey floral could also make nice bags if teamed with the right fabric.

I'm going out to our local scrapstore with my friend this evening. I've never been there before. Apparently for a small annual membership you can fill a carrier bag for a £1. I've yet to see what I can fill mine with! It's a bit of a recycling type initiative, where businesses etc donate items that are surplus to their requirements for resale to the public - I'm hoping they have some fabrics there - 'cos of course I always need more :o)

Keeping my fingers crossed for some good finds and I'll post what I come home with.


Bethany Hissong said...

I hope your son excels at the oboe! My kids are beginning instruments this year also...I don't have any talent but my husband does...I'm praying they have HIS gene!!!
Have fun at your fabric hunt. You get more done in a day than I do in a week!!!

beki said...

THe oboe is such an interesting instrument. I hope he does well.
I LOVE your patchwork panel, job well done!