Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Just a quick one today - I'm supposed to be making the dinner! I've been wanting to make some autumn/winter clothes for Minxie for a while but wasn't inspired. So this morning I looked on t'Internet at Next, M&S, Pumpkin Patch etc. I didn't want to make anything too 'home-made' looking - if you know what I mean - but had to use fabrics from my stash.

There were lots of tiered and patchwork skirts and lots of trimming and ruffles in evidence.

I adapted a pattern for an A-line skirt, that I originally drafted from a 70p charity shop skirt earlier in the summer. Thrifty thrifty girl!

So here is the finished article - denim from scrapstore, big print from Auntie's stash, small print from my Mum's stash, burgundy brade leftover from my wedding flowers 8 1/2 years ago. I don't do waistbands so used a leftover length of homemade bias tape.

I love the colours so much. That big print is going to have to go into a skirt for me too.
I also made my first ever ruffle and love how it finishes off the bottom of the skirt and adds some much needed weight to the hem.

As you can see it is sufficiently swirly for a little girl to dance about in:

So glad she can still wear last year's suede boots too :-)
It's getting it's first outing this very evening at an awards ceremony for the school garden club.

I received an instruction DVD for the Pfaff and some lovely fibres to felt with today so will be playing with those when we get back later.

Off to fill our lovely hot jacket potatoes now - yum xxx


Lucy Locket said...

Lucky little minx! Have fun tonight and hope you enjoyed your potatoes! I've been having a courgette soup cooking marathon with my friend whose hob is broken today - good fun - should be in the W.I.!

Lesley said...

Wow - that was quick Lucy - I was still avoiding the kitchen! Enjoy the soup - I love soup and can feel a freezer filling session coming on. We should start an alternative WI - maybe the BI - Blogger's Institute?

Bethany Hissong said...

The skirt turned out so cute!!! My daughter would love it! The garden club sounds interesting too... tell us more!