Wednesday, September 5, 2007

She scores!

Yesterday was one of those days when you actually manage to find a few treasures in the charity shops. Here's what I came home with:

My little stash included a crocheted cotton throw (£3), a pair of cotton curtains (50p!), 5 barely worn t-shirts for the Minx, a cone of fine wool (50p)and a bag of patchwork fabrics. The throw looks lovely on our bed - unfortunately the bedroom is not yet presentable enough to show you!

It's lovely to have some time to myself again now that the kids are back at school and to have great chats on the way home from dropping them off with my good friend Liz. A natter with Liz sets me up for the day - she is someone who does what they say they are going to do - unlike me who procrastinates bigtime!
Feeling inspired this is how I've filled my day:

I made a couple of new cushions today for the Moog to drool on when she sleeps in the armchair.

I have also made this Strawberry sorbet

From this book

Just to make sure I filled every possible minute I also tackled this and although limited by space and storage managed to make it slightly more manageable.

I now have 30 minutes for a coffee and quick read of Crafts Beautiful before I have to pick up the Minx and then the Sausage. We decided yesterday to have 'ice cream Wednesday' and 'crispy Friday' - this is in a hope that I can limit the 'naughty' treats they are eating. So many kids take a pack of crisps in their lunch every day and my guys feel hard done by. I thought if it is something to look forward to they won't take it for granted. So I must make sure I have some ice cream money with me as they WILL remember - my two have elephant DNA when it comes to reminding their mother of things she has promised!! Doesn't seem to kick in with getting ready for school or tooth brushing though ;)

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sooz said...

Happy stash busting and good luck with the new blog.