Thursday, September 6, 2007

Smile - summer's here at last!

Isn't it marvellous? We have had six weeks of school holidays of which most was pretty dismal weatherwise. They've been back four days and it's blue skies all the way. Makes me feel like fetching the babies home so they can play in the garden!
Never mind, I've got the windows wide open and a gentle breeze and am being serenaded by every power tool known to man and the Moog doing woofage at the Blue Tits as she is scared of them :0)
I decided I needed to make a doll today and after looking at every book I have and various websites, decided to make one up myself (independent madam!). It's very much a prototype as attaching the legs had me swearing and the body fabric now has watermarks everywhere as it did not respond well to the removal of the water soluble marker I used :(
However, I do love a good learning curve and now know what not to do next time. I'm looking forward to some gentle hand sewing this evening doing the face and hair.
(I know a certain little Minx who will love her no matter what her imperfections. Will have to try harder on the one that I intend to make for one of my nieces this Christmas - SIL thinks my homemade gifts are very sweet (!).)
Once I'd sewn her up I realised I had no filling so this of course necessitated a quick trot down to Hobbycraft and would you believe it I ended up spending more than I intended - how does that happen? To get over the shock I had to visit a local charity shop and it really helped to calm me down when I found this:
Full of fab 70's fabrics and full of fab toys. I'm sure I remember my Mum making at least some of these. Now I can't help but be inspired and as I plan to make at least some of my Christmas gifts this year it should come in handy. Now, where to hide it before DH gets home tonight? :)
I need to get some hand sewing projects ready as we have the in-laws down this weekend and it is not the best time to get the sewing machine out on the dining table - and if I don't have something to do while they're all watching TV in the evening I shall go quite mad.
Yeeuch that's just reminded me - housework blitz tomorrow morning :0

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sooz said...

Forgive me if unsolicited advice is unwelcome, but you might find a doll easier to assemble if you sew the legs leaving a small opening in the inside seam, sew them into the base of the body seam, turn and then stuff. If that doesn't make sense email me and I'll explain in greater detail :-)