Friday, September 21, 2007

Waiting, ironing and more waiting

Heh, heh, heh - I have to say, I lurve needle felting. This is Eduarde d'Bear who emerged from a large wodge (technical term) of mustard coloured wool fibre last night and only involved a single stabbing injury.
Here he is meeting Clarence (snail) and Albert (lamb) this morning and enjoying a bit of Autumn warmth in the conservatory.

Eduarde takes his security blanket everywhere with him - in the form of an abstracty arty leaf shaped piece of felt.

So apart from 3 hours ironing, taking photos, reading blogs and reading Cotton Time issue 9 it has been a day of little craft around here.
It's been a day of waiting.....waiting......waiting....
I don't do waiting.
I've been expecting my embellisher to turn up today. It was not a firm promise that it would arrive today. It was a suggestion that it might. Which I took as an it would.
It didn't.
I even resorted to taking some photos of this:

See how it is trying to pretend I'm not there. And (I know - shouldn't start sentences with and - just happens sometimes) more to the point pretending it is not sitting on my new cushion covers :o)
Also pretending that it is not in the slightest bit responsible for this:

The Moog doesn't have too many annoying habits apart from overdoing the woofage at times i.e. anytime involving fireworks, the moon out during the day, birds twittering, hot air balloons, random noises. However, she does like to rip up tissues. This is not normally a problem as I'm pretty hot on making sure no tissues are accessible but this week it is Tissue City round here. Everywhere I go tissues. Everywhere I don't go tissues. Just lots and lots of tissues.
The law of averages would determine she was bound to find a nice tasty chewy one at some point. Despite the evidence to the contrary I had only vacuumed this morning.
'Spose that's what you get for rescueing a highly strung Border Collie.
Here's some Moog facts if you're interested:
Rescued at the age of 19 months
Had been in rescue centre for 2 months
Had been allowed to have 2 litters of pups by the time she was 17 months old - I know :(
Her pups had been dumped as newborns, rescue centre found where they were from and rescued Moog too - they were all totally bald with mange
She's now 12 and still thinks she's 2
She chases cats
If said cats stand their ground the Moog stands and whistles and pretends they are not there
She does not think she is as a dog - don't think she ever met any as a pup
She hairs everywhere
She loves swimming but only to fetch a stick - never for the sake of it - working dog, see
She has inate border collie instincts - when playing runs off and then circles round and then lies down to wait for ball/stick/whatever to be thrown
Loved her Granny so much - when Granny was very ill and couldn't sleep, one time when we were staying with her, the Moog sat on the sofa and cuddled her all night - she NEVER cuddles anyone
So that's the Moog in a nutshell - rather large coconut sized one but there she is!
Off to stick pins into myself again


Lucy Locket said...

That wool felting is looking so good. I haven't tried it yet! Busy making "Fred" a little zippy bag/pencil casey type of thing with tortoises on . Hope he likes it! Lucy x

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute post! love the bear!

Bethany Hissong said...

You are really picking up needle felting quickly! We like your little animals! And I enjoyed your biography of the Moog! She sounds like the perfect pet (minus the tissues!). My Ellie would adore her!

Leanne said...

Hi Lesley
Thanks for leaving a comment. I love this post we are a dog family we have 2 Jack Russells who are very spoil just like Moog.
I know that look of "if I'm not looking at you, you can't see me".
I fully understand the barking thing as well.