Monday, September 10, 2007


I decided I needed to get some new sewing on the go and as a friend has offered to let me take some things along to a Girl's Night that she is having soon I thought I'd best get busy. I'll be taking my handbags but so that I don't scare them all off (isn't pricing difficult?) I thought I should have plenty of smaller 'pocket money' items to tempt them.
I'm aiming at hairbands, credit card holders, glasses cases, fabric corsages and maybe some little softies. I want to get a stock together anyway as I may have a stall at the school Christmas Fayre for the first time.

I have been going through my scraps and getting these ready to sew:

The inspiration for these comes from this book that I picked up a few weeks ago at Hobbycraft

and they are basically strips of leftover fabric stitched onto a background fabric and embellished with more machine stitching ( I also want to try some hand embroidery)- I'm using an old flanelette sheet from the charity shop which gives a nice firm ground.
It's also a great way of using up the last bits of cotton on your reels. I use white in the bobbin and then a contrasting thread on top. This then makes a nice new patchworky fabric to turn into whatever takes your fancy.
I think they could look good as panels/ inserts on cushions or handbags. So far I've made a couple of purses and a sunglasses case just to try it out.

The purse is based on the one in Amy Karol's fab book:

The only trouble is you then end up with leftover leftovers LOL - however, I also have plans for these as hairbands, bookmarks, coffee cup holders or wristbands.

I always get a surge of creative energy on a Monday morning when the kids are back at school so before school I mixed and kneaded my first batch of bread dough. I baked it when I got back from the school run and yippee - it is edible!!

Years ago I attempted a ready mix bread which I lovingly kneaded into lovely little rolls. They looked beautiful when cooked so we put them in the bag for our camping weekend. When we came to eat them that night they were so hard and dense that no-one could eat them.
We decided to use them as fuel for our campfire - but they wouldn't even burn. They were so solid they just singed all the way round :o)
I don't know if I'll ever be converted to baking it every day but maybe once or twice a week now that I know I can bake something that isn't fit only to build houses with !!


French Knots said...

I have just got the Leftover Fabric book from the library, it's great isn't it? I've been making the ribbon hairbands from Amy Karol's book and they're very cute, I like making small items as they come together quickly!

Bethany Hissong said...

I like all of your ideas...and the purses you've already done!
Your bread story is funny! I resort to the breadmaker, but all that kneading sounds very therapeutic right now! I'm a bit tense after a full day of working on paperwork!!!

GigerVamp said...

You'll be needing some homemade butter to go with your homemade bread! I'm going to be posting a buttermaking tutorial on my blog later!

Anonymous said...