Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colourful moments with my Minx

I sometimes find there is not enough me to split between both of my children and get so caught up in mediating/nagging/arguing etc that quality time just doesn't enter into it. This weekend I've had a bit of one to one time with both of them and it's been lovely.

On Saturday afternoon the boys ventured out on a quest for new football boots so Minx and I got stuck in rearranging her bedroom furniture and giving her toys a good sort out. I had only gone upstairs to change the beds.

Although she probably, in all honesty, lost interest after the first twenty minutes we did persevere and when all was done she gave me a big Minxie hug and said 'Thank you Mummy, I love my new room' .

I'm glad she did as it didn't feel so bad when I then ventured back downstairs and discovered everyone had trashed the living room whilst I'd been detrashing her bedroom!!

This morning the boys were out at football so it was more Minx and Me time. She had plans. Baking a chocolate cake with white chocolate buttons and butter icing to be exact. She's been planning this since Thursday :o)

We bought these colours a few weeks ago to prettify our cake making:

Please don't be horrified and think 'what sort of mother is she, feeding her kids these dreadful artificial colours?'

I'll justify their use - we rarely eat processed foods, sweets are rationed and you only use the tiniest amount of the colour - so there ;)

She didn't want to make chocolate icing to go on the chocolate cake as the colours would not show up. She's in charge see.

So of course it had to be turquoise vanilla icing. Appetising huh? And three packets of buttons!!!!!!!

Quite pretty colour combo with the Milky Bar buttons though. Very tasty cake but veeeery sweet.

I wouldn't be able to eat more than four slices without feeling a bit sick - ha ha!

Once the boys got back Sausage was allowed an hour of gawping on the computer playing Star Wars Battlefront - marvellous.

Minx was getting naggy, noisy and quite frankly a bit of a pain in the bum - see Monkee Maker, they are getting to me already!!!

I rose to the challenge (for once) and asked if she fancied doing some sewing. She did. Although I feel she actually envisioned the sewing machine and piles of fabric. Mummy won and we did some peaceful embroidery.

She decided to do the sun and drew her design with soluble marker. She added clouds and hills (yes, they are hills) and only needed a bit of help with the eyes, starting off new colours and untangling the back at times. I think it's not at all bad for her first real embroidery attempt.

Apparently I have to frame it :o)

Being a productive sort of a girl she then did another. Can you guess what it is?

Of course, a tennis racket and ball - well guessed.

I enjoyed a bit of stitching myself too.

The Monster asked me if it was an old lady. Bless him, maybe his eyes weren't working after prolonged periods of shooting clone warriors.

My one to one time with Sausage Monstrosity came this afternoon and was spent in his room, rediscovering the carpet and unearthing his cupboards and bookshelves. He required a bit of motivation of the 'if you don't stop mucking about you won't get the pocket money that you didn't get on Friday because you were mucking about' variety - takes me back to this .

So - Monday tomorrow. Me on my own with them. This is where the fun begins. I know that if I keep them occupied and put in lots of effort we'll all have a lovely time. They are lovely sweet children and before I know it they'll be all grown up and out with their friends rather than hanging out with me. We're meeting up with friends a couple of times this week but otherwise it's chilling and recharging our batteries (well, their batteries at least!) and hopefully lots of creative fun.

I think I'd better make a list of 'things to do at half term that are free'!

Ooh, I know - I did say we'd go and choose pumpkins tomorrow. There, that's twenty minutes filled! Easy, see.....

I'm off to ripple for an hour or two - catching up as I didn't do any last night. I'll try to do a photo update of the rippling this week, if I can take a photo without Minx seeing her 'surprise' (which she's already tried to sneak a peak at!!).



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Isn't it lovely when you get to do one-to-one time? It doesn't happen often enough here with three of the little darlings but I always appreciate those rare moments!!! I've told the children that we have renamed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after them - it actually works quite well with their real names but doesn't translate with Fred, Dorothy and Daisy! This means that on their day they get to choose most of what we do (with the usual boring stuff happening as normal!) We are also looking for free activities although my parents gave them some pocket money and Fred's plan is to spend it on going to see Ratatouille at the cinema! On the other hand, tidying is both fun and free! What more could they ask for???? Lucy x

weirdbunny said...

Loving the cake, and really a cake is not a cake for a child without colour, oh and in our house sprinkles ! ~ love Julia x

Bethany Hissong said...

Lesley, I hope you have a great week!!! That cake was pretty cool! She is quite the baker and the embroiderer! Tell her she did a fabulous job on her first attempts! We don't get any breaks here except for one day off on Friday and then we wait for Thanksgiving (which you don't have). I'll be checking in to see how it's going!!!

dottycookie said...

Oh, that does sound like a good weekend. I think the cake is fab and I'm most impressed Minx chose such a pretty icing colour - in our house it would have been pink, or chocolate. Not a lot of variety here.

I have cheated for half term and escaped with my little ones to my parents - more people to keep them occupied!

Gina said...

What a fun weekend and of course you should frame that embroidery... it's beautiful. Enjoy your week... I miss it now that my four are all grown up!

Ali said...

I agree - you DO have to frame it! I've escaped to my folks for 2 days - only 3 more to fill then!

Gigibird said...

Have a look at Yarnstorm - that woman feeds her children with nothing but food colouring and they seem normal (ish)
Lovely cake.

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