Friday, October 5, 2007

Dull ironing on a dull ironing board

Well, I just couldn't put it off any longer. I'd tried all sorts of diversionary tactics but when it started appearing from behind the sofa I just had to admit defeat.

For heavens sake will someone invent an ironing robot!

In case you weren't already aware ....I....hate....ironing!!!!!!!!!!!

...and what a dull looking pile of ironing it is.

On TV it's always bright whites and colourful prints ---just look at this uninspiring pile of drabness :( Blergh!

Look at this ugly thing too - no wonder I'm uninspired. Not even Cash In the Attic or A Place in the Sun (£110K 3 bed home in Perth - with vineyard for heaven's sake!!!!) could make this feel any better.

So what's a girl to do but raid her stash for an old handpainted thrifted duvet cover and sprinkle a little beauty onto this odious chore. I should have taken a photo of the underside - it's held together with bulldog clips and judging from it's lilac predecessor will remain that way until it's time for another recover ;-)

I didn't feel guilty about using the fabric for this as it's a bit too off-white to be useable for much and it made me smile - which is nothing short of a miracle when I'm ironing!
In terms of craftiness I've started on an Advent Calendar.

I hate those mass marketed crappy cardboard chocolate 'advent' calendars that are sold these days - with advent now apparently extending to New Year's Day!
So far I've made just a head out of felt and it looks promising as DH, Sos and Minx all told me it was a rheindeer!
I'm really delighted as the lovely Helen from here has already answered my sewing machine query and can supply all the spare bits I need. She even found me a link to another machine the same as mine. You should check out her blog - she's a fab textile artist and makes the most beautiful kites too. She has two websites and a blog and manages to answer random questions from frustrated antique sewing machine owners within 24 hours - phew!
Well, it's Friday night. Babies are tucked up in bed after, at last, being initiated into the world that is HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! I have just been presented with a bottle of Grolsch and a bacon and egg sandwich (healthy eating Friday) by DH and am going to settle down in front of a DVD - 'Keeping Mum' I do believe - just missed the first 10 minutes tho' so will spend the rest of the film asking DH who everyone is and what they are doing :o)
Just in case you missed them - here are today's headlines:


Monkee Maker said...

Hey, your ironing pile looks just like mine!

And oh how I hate mine too :(

Cute cover though :)

Lucy Locket said...

As always Lesley - you've left the best to last! Love the final headline!!! Good ironing board cover by the way - hope it managed to cheer you through that pile! I just avoid ironing altogether! Lucy x

French Knots said...

I hate ironing too, in fact I just put everything away unironed! Shirts and things need pressing before wearing but somehow 5 mins of ironing in the morning is more appealing than hours of it all at once.

Bethany Hissong said...

I think I'm allergic to ironing... at least mass amounts at one time. We only iron things as we need them!! Your ironing board cover is very cute and a great improvement!! And I like your reindeer photo! Can't wait to see that one when it's finished. I just saw two elves like that in a catalog for close to $100/piece..whew! If I had time, I'd try to make them myself. My dad prides himself in giving my children cardboard advent calendars every year. I love his heart but I think even the kids are tired of this by now!!!

Gina said...

Don't do ironing... so my pile looks like yours but twice as high! My household of men are all better at using the iron than me and iron stuff as they need it! Hope you enjoyed "Keeping Mum"... loved it!