Friday, October 19, 2007

Half term starts here

I gave up on the sewing today when my machine started to do silly things with its stitches. Most days I'd have sorted out why it was mucking about. Today was not the day.

We decided a walk was in order once the children were home from school and headed for the country park.

It's been a glorious autumn day with lots of sun but a nice sharp edge too. I was amazed that we almost had the park to ourselves and we were rewarded with beautiful light and some real autumnal treats.
The spindle tree with it's unusual and very poisonous fruits. I just love these colours.
The wayfarer tree (Viburnum opulus) has juicy translucent red-orange berries.

This is my favourite tree in the park, a blue cedar that is simply huge. The late afternoon sunlight shining on it today was worthy of several photos.

I never cease to be captivated by the big ships using Southampton Water and today we watched the P&O cruise ship Arcadia as she embarks on a Mediterranean cruise. I'm not sure if I fancy taking a cruise. I think I'd possibly go a bit stir crazy being on a ship for days. I'm also not sure how I'd cope being in a relatively confined space with so many other people.

The water was like a mill pond and the colours of the sunset were so beautiful.
It's going to be a cold night and we're getting frosts again. It seems like autumn is really really here and I'm loving it.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
I've just realised I'm marching rapidly towards my 50th blog (already!) and it seems there are certain traditions to uphold as such milestones are met. So keep watching this space - there will be some goodies winging their way to a new home soon.
Blimey - better get busy then!!
Love L xxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Giveaways are always fun - as long as I win!!!!!! I 'spose you're right about the travel costs - but we'd have a laugh wouldn't we? Lucy x

cmoon said...

hello Lesley I am new to blogging but already I am addicted!!I have enjoyed reading your life stories and recognise myself in some of them (what housework?)As yet I haven't worked out all the links,tags and all things blog but hope to improve with practice. Look forward to reading more of your blogs*

Bethany Hissong said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Lesley!!! And we are on the same page with the cruises... I told Craig not to get that in his head (like everyone else in his family) because I would go stir crazy on a ship...I'm paranoid of getting some communicable disease! But give me a little boat anytime because I love being on the water!

Leanne said...

Lovely photos, my husband is English I generally give him a call when there are photos of home to look at of course he isn't interested in the quilting parts. I often call him to read Lucy's blog.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Brilliant pics .... I love the last sunset one in particular.

Happy Half-Term!! Are they driving you nuts yet? Are they?? Are they??? Hmmm. Maybe that's just here then ;)

Colleen Eskridge said...

I have just found your blog....and saw/recognized the photos from Southampton. We have a very dear friend who lives there.I laughed when you spoke about your machine mucking about...some days its not worth messing with. The photos were gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them. Colleen in South Africa...(for only another few months)

weirdbunny said...

I love cruise ships ! I've sailed out of southampton, only the first few days in the cold feels like being on a ferry ! I much prefer getting a plane out to sunny destination then getting on the cruise ship in the hot, hot, hot !

Unfortunately our last year holiday have been in our tent in the UK !