Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello my blogaholic friends!!!

Hee - hee - nice to know I'm not the only one who has developed a blog addiction! Thanks for the comments folks xx

So now that Blogger is behaving again here is yesterday's doings.

I made lots of piles of this:

To make a pile of these:

Eight reading pillows - complete apart from buttons and a cushion pad. I've got the tricky bit done and now have a few weeks to get them stuffed and fastened before Christmas.

I used up lots of thrifted, gifted and reused fabric from my stash. Three for boys and five for girls. Minx is going to have the green floral and turquoise one (my favourite) and Monster is going to have the green sheep fabric one.

That was yesterday.

Now onto today.

A quick trip to the farm shop meant I had to buy these. Intended for roasting, soup etc a la Jamie Oliver. However, they are so pretty I want to keep them a bit longer before I cut them up.

My friend read my mind and rang to see if I fancied going to the Scrapstore again. Did I ever!

There was not as much fabric this time but the pieces were bigger and some lovely designs. All this lot plus some drawing paper for the kids and cardboard tubes for the gerbils - for £2!

This is Nina Campbell fabric - soft furnishing weight cottons with lovely prints.

This is Osborne and Little and big bits too, all over 1 metre!

Most of this has already been cut up to make bags. I've asked if I can have a stall at a couple of events coming up at the kids' schools in November and December. It will be a very useful and low-cost way of seeing if anyone actually wants to buy any of my stuff!!

Lucy has one of these events tonight and I'm sending her good vibes - hope you sell out Lucy!!

If you haven't already seen it, check out this fab Mom song video on Ali's blog - I swear I must have written it in my sleep without realising!

I also chuckled at Hollyhocks yesterday - see the bit about the girl with no scissors. It got me to thinking maybe I should gather all the scissors in our house together and count them in the name of research. Then reality hit and I realised this was too Herculean a task for me - suffice it to say they are in every room, in numerous drawers/boxes/cupboards and 20 pairs would not even go near as an estimate!!

There is also some great destressing going on at Mollychicken and Julie's - if you were ever in any doubt about the health benefits of knitting go check them out.

Off now for another 6 monkey rows and a some more rippling.
Loves xxx

PS - you got pictures tonight but now Blogger is playing with my spacing - aaagh!


Bethany Hissong said...

Oh my gosh, you totally outdid me with all those reading pillows!!! That is wonderful! And your new fabric is so beautiful... I can't wait to see the bags you make.
And let me say that scissors are very scarce in this house, for some reason. I have one pair that I believe is older than me and I guard them with my life! But only a couple kids' scissors and a kitchen pair are around... now I know what else to ask for on my birthday!! ;)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh lumme! All those smashing bargains for 2 quid?? Bargain!

Level with us though .... did you really get all that for two pounds or did you do that thing I do with RGH? Round whole pounds down massively? I won't tell anyone :)

Oh, and Pete Burns? Love it!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those reading cushions are fabulous! Thanks for the vibes - they did me good! I'll be posting about it soon. Just trying to find the house under the scraps of fabric. I love your new fabrics - how can you get those so cheaply - can I come next time please????