Monday, October 22, 2007

If you want fashion ideas - I'm your woman!

We filled the morning scouring the charity shops in a nearby town and calling at the farm shop for these beauties:

I couldn't resist the little ones - they were so cute - if indeed a vegetable can be regarded as cute!

There was a total lack of nice fabric to be had today, which is no bad thing, but we did find some books for the Minx and Sausage Monster, including a Where's Wally that we didn't already have. These are Monster's favourite books - probably because they don't involve much actual reading!

I did find this little 49p beauty for me, published in 1979 - can you tell?

Lots of 'how to' photos for which, no doubt, the author/model had the manicure to beat all manicures - fab nails girlfriend!!
I also gleaned some priceless inspiration for what to make with all those odd granny squares I've made. What do you think? I suppose it needs the right blouse and accessories.

If you are ever stuck for what else to make other than rippled blankets how about these babies:

Oh wow - how about the two worn together, with maybe a crochet camisole? Tell me honestly what you think please ;)
As promised here's an update on the Minx's surprise ripple blanket. I usually manage about two to three stripes each evening before the repetetive thumb strain sets in.
Last night I rippled to Dirty Dancing, mine and my Mum's all time favourite film. I welled up a couple of times, especially when I realised I would normally spend half term holidays with her and my Dad. He doesn't cope well with the kids and I don't cope well with two little ones and one, even more demanding, 70 year old one so those days are, sadly, gone.
This time last year we were at Mum's and there was no indication that she was anything other than perfectly healthy. We have so many good memories though and I know she was there with me last night watching our film :o)

We're meeting up with friends tomorrow so whilst the children play together us girls can drink tea and talk, talk, talk :o)
Thanks for all your comments you guys - I may not manage to reply to all this week as I don't envisage much time on the computer!! If I so much as walk towards it Sausage starts badgering me to be allowed to play computer games so it's easier not to!!
Here's a big hug - HUG xxx - that's for nothing, just wait until you do something (as my mother used to say) !!


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for the hug! I miss hugs from my children, now they've grown up and left home. I'm afraid fashion ideas would be wasted on me. If you could see me, you'd agree! I remember the Faraway Tree.... haven't read that in ages (my children being grown up and all). Brings back memories. If you have time, you can visit my blog. We can be blogbuddies!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Lesley. I can't imagine what it must be like without your mum but it is lovely that you can keep all those memories precious and do things like watch your favourite films and feel like you are still sharing them. She will always be with you. Lucy x and a BIG HUG back to you!

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Lesley. Thank you for visiting my blog. You don't sound boring. Reading your blog brings back memories. My children got into food dyes at one point - green scrambled egg, blue apple crumble (which looked like mould... we had our house on the market at that time and we still remember someone coming to look at the house only to find us tucking into plates of 'mould'... Needless to say, they didn't buy our house!)

Monkee Maker said...

Super smashing marvellous fashion photos!! Please post pictures when you fashion your proposed new creations - and those nails .... she never washed up, did she?!

I very much enjoyed that film again too .... sorry it was tinged with sadness for you though x

dottycookie said...

Ooooh ripple socks, how could anyone resist?

We missed Dirty Dancing (boo) but I'm glad you had a good, if emotional time.

And I think tiny pumpkins are cute too. Especially the "lumpety bumpety" ornamental ones ... but then I used to have a pet brussel sprout. Sad, but true.

Bethany Hissong said...

Hee hee...thanks! And Patrick Swayze can dance with me any day!!!
I am trying to figure out if you are going to crochet some of those patterns or not! I love those nails..ugh. Have a good week...I don't think I'll be posting much...too busy!

Elora said...

Hello I was just browsing and I Love the crochet book! I keep admiring old knitting cards with unfortunate models in bulky knitwear in my local charity shops but as i dont knit and cant think what to do with the pictures i cant justify buying them - shame but at least they keep me amused.

Gina said...

Blanket is looking lovely Lesley but not sure about that skirt and socks... I don't believe we would have worn that even in the 70s! Great film... hope it didn't feel too sad and the memories were all good ones. Hugs!

Angel Jem said...

Oh bless you all! I found that it was the craziest things that set me off about my DH's mum (died 7 years ago) and that, especially, the firsts really cracked me up, you know, first time you watch their favourite film, first time someone says the saying that they used to use, first time back to the cafe you used to go to. Often more than the big firsts, actually, because those you know are going to happen. Hope your Dad is doing OK, and that the next few months will be.... well, settle for manageable. Just good enough (my mantra)

Suzie Sews said...

Memories are amazing...
Suzie Sews
PS I love thos socks...