Sunday, October 7, 2007

Old English Charm

The children and I had a lovely day out today with my best friend and her beautiful two year old boy. Sausage and Minx thoroughly enjoyed being the grown-up ones.

We went to Bosham, near Chichester, which is the most wonderful little village. In the photo below you can see cars parked in front of the houses. They all have to move before high tide as the sea comes right up to the buildings and the road is covered in several feet of water.

How cool is that? Having to tie your boat up to the outside wall of your house - I dare say it's needed if you run out of milk at high tide and need to nip to the shops!
Minx took a photo of the swans with their cygnets:

We had a very nice light lunch here:

and we walked our lunch off exploring the side streets a bit:

The children had a good run round on the village green that overlooks the water:

and we wandered a bit more absorbing the quaintness of this special place:

and admiring the boats:

I just love that ropework along the side of the wooden boat.

There are the most stunning houses around the water's edge - I could live in any of them - and it is so peaceful there - it could be 40 years ago or more. Bosham is a real favourite with artists too as the light is so beautiful there.

We took a look around the Craft Centre in the village where I oohed and aahed over gorgeous new and vintage textiles. I didn't buy anything as I'm trying so hard to economise but it wasn't easy when I stumbled upon a basket of patchwork fabrics. I'm glad (I think) to say common sense prevailed.

I'm having a girlie day out with another friend tomorrow - off up to Salisbury to explore the Lakeland shop. We're on the lookout for preserving jars and heaven's knows what else :o)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Lesley - sounds like you had a great day out! I got really jealous when you mentioned Salisbury though - I grew up in Hampshire and Salisbury was where we went for treats like a trip to Snells for Black Forest gateau first thing in the morning before we even did the shopping and trips to the little shop near the cathedral (John Davies I think it was called) where you could buy stocking-filler type toys like jumping beans and clicking frogs! Oh I feel all nostalgic now!!! I was going to go and stay with my sister one day and go on a child-free trip to Salisbury specially to go to Snells but now they have closed down :o(
Sorry - long ramble - but you shouldn't tease me by going to nice places! Lucy x
P.S. where do you live?

Bethany Hissong said...

You are so lucky to have beautiful places like this. In the US things that are older seem surrounded by new (ugly) things. I think I was meant to live in if I ever go to visit one day, I may never return!!!

Leanne said...

looks like you had a wonderful day. I love the swans with their babies. How beautiful they are.

Gina said...

What a beautiful place and such a lovely day out... made me want to visit. Not sure I would be quite so restrained faced with vintage textiles!