Thursday, October 11, 2007

Storm in a bone china teacup, with a lace doily and a fairy cake.

A fascinating debate seems to be developing since the publication of Jane Brocket's book. I've nearly finished reading it and have thoroughly enjoyed it. If you pop on over to French Knots you'll see what I mean.

I've just been reading Jane's entry for today on Yarnstorm and it just gets better. A journalist asked her today whether she considered what she was doing was legitimate!! She's certainly hit a nerve and if it helps her sell more books, become a huge success and bring forth a massive upsurge in the 'gentle arts' then all the better. Go Jane!!

So here's my illegitimate offering for today - LOL!!!

Some more growth on the rippling. This is so therapeutic to do. I've never crocheted anything on this scale before. Apart from granny squares and the odd crocheted flower I've never followed a crochet pattern before. If I can do this it must be simple - Lucy take note!!

I've decided to make this in secret as part of the Minx's Christmas present. It's using all the leftovers from things I've previously knitted for her so the colours are very girlie.

After a misty start to the day, listening to the ships fog horns blasting up from Southampton Water at 6am, it developed into a glorious sunny and very warm Autumn day. There was a very heavy dew last night and I decided to take the camera on safari round the garden.

I bought myself a digital SLR camera with my redundancy money and I'm still getting to grips with it. I suppose I could always read the instructions ;o)

I did manage to get a bit of loveliness to share.

Here's a beautiful penstemon that has flowered and flowered all summer:

Snowberries - they should be edible. What would they taste like if they were? Marshmallows or mozzarella?

A single solitary rose hiding it's light behind a bamboo:

The spiders have been busy again:

My nut harvest in DH's twisted hazel that I bought for him when we first moved in 6 years ago.

This tree is much more impressive in winter when it's lost it's leaves and is covered in 4 inch long catkins.
There's lots of good stuff going on out there in blogland. Beki has made a beautiful bag and I feel inspired to be more daring in my fabric choices and Future Girl is battling the lurgy in a very unique way with a beautiful and ingenious idea for a crochet hook holder.
Whatever you do don't go to Lucy's blog and put you name down for her 50th blog giveaway, as I am going to win! If you are of a nervous disposition do not even consider seeing what Monkee Maker is up to - I'm on to the RSPCA when I've finished this!!
I've got some sewing to do tomorrow. Minx has a party to go to on Saturday and I was so underwhelmed by the girls' toys on offer that I bought hair accessories and will be making the birthday girl a bag tomorrow to go with them.
Before I head for the phone to report monkee abuse I would just like to say an enormous thank you to all of you who have left messages this week. You are all lovely - whether or not you are legitimate remains to be seen!!!!!!!!!


artisbliss said...

Beautiful photos, Lesley. I'm partial to the penstemon's color. I've just bought a digital camera, too, but have only been taking pics of my artwork so far.

French Knots said...

Legitimate! What? Hope Jane tops the best sellers, it's publicity I suppose.

Lovely photos!

Bethany Hissong said...

I can assure you that I'm legitimate... whatever you meant by that! ha!
I tried to crotchet and just let me say that, as simple as it may be, I could not get it yet!!!! But that's how my knitting started too. I will persist, but not now-- quilting is on the horizon and so is a bit of cursing when I realize how hard it really is!

Monkee Maker said...

You seem to be handling that camera very well - lovely pictures!

And Hello! You can talk! What exactly you'd be doing to those Donkeys I dread to think!

Gina said...

You don't need to read the instructions... fab photos!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oi you! Stop putting people off my giveaway!!! The blanket is looking lovely - I still don't think I could do it though! Lucy x