Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Now I know why I don't want any more babies - I don't cope with sleep deprivation!

The past two nights have been very disturbed for the following reasons:
DH away Sunday night - he keeps the bed warm :o)
Changing a wet bed at 1.45am last night - not mine!
That sweet looking creature above (also a neurotic bl***y idiot) woofing, padding all round the house and panting heavily at 3am - just as I was settling down after the bed changing :-(

Last night I gave up and came downstairs at 4am. Resisted the temptation to go online and drank Horlicks instead. Drifted off to sleep on our little sofa at 5am. Slept soundly and woke in a panic at 7.15am as DH had not got up - he's supposed to be out of the house by then - marvellous!

Somehow the drama that is getting the kids ready for school went smoother than ever - though compressed into half the time we usually take - both earned themselves a smiley sticker for being helpful to their groggy Mum.

I'm not going to winge any more - we all get days like that don't we?

I decided I needed to get back into the sewing again as it's been neglected for the past week or so. After opening every bag and drawer of fabric I decided to use one of my 'patchwork' panels and some of the scrapstore fabrics to make a big tote/shopper:

The side panels are a thick hessian type fabric which doesn't seem to show up that well on the photo and the top, bottom and handles are denim.

It was not a precision job - more of a desperate need to sew and produce a finished article and quick! Not one to admire the craftsmanship on!
Therefore this has become my new bag. I've lined it with some thrifted fabric and put a big pocket in - althought it could do with an extra one.

I didn't even bother with a clasp on this one - it's so deep that I figured I'd realise if anyone tried to pickpocket me with this baby!

It was very cathartic to just throw something together quickly and I even had time to clear up and make a chicken and ham pie before fetching the kids from school - ooh, aren't I just the perfect little housewife - Anthea Turner eat your heart out! (but don't look in any of my cupboards or under the sofas - that's where the sluttishness hides!

I'm going to have a half hour browse of my favourite blogs and then I shall curl up on the sofa with my knitting - maybe ;-)

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Monkee Maker said...

That's a brilliant bag - the craftswomanship (!) looks just fine!

And I can't believe you still had the time (or inclination) to cook a proper tea after that horrendous night :(

I enjoyed your 7 things and oh-gosh-I-LOVE your handwriting ..... so neat!