Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All stitched up

My hands don't know what's hit them as I've been hand sewing all day. My sewing machine is grateful for the rest though. Or at least it would be were it a living being and not a machine.

I had a lovely chat to Lucy today - who is actually a real person by the way, with a voice and everything and it's nice to know I'm not the only one with holes in my fingers :o)

My friend Kayla popped round this morning for a coffee and a natter. She ended up helping me cut out some fabric flowers and has offered to come with me on Friday night to hold my hand.

I sewed the buttons onto these:

Put together a whole bunch of fabric corsages.

Had to squeeze in a quick trip to Hobbycraft for some brooch pins and barretts (sp?).

Came home and stitched them on.

I've a few more to make this evening and I'll then put them onto card so they look a bit more special.
Tomorrow is all about pricing things up and trying to find some nice paper bags from a nice paper bag seller. I also hope to get a few more little bits made but as Friday night looms I want to make sure I've got everything ready in time. The good thing is that lots of people at school have been asking about my stall and at least one person has threatened to buy something!!

Poor Ruby is feeling a bit shaky having received a worrying email from her Maker threatening to take her 'home' if the awful music continues. Slurping the dregs of yesterday's latte seemed to help. The Sausage Monster set up this shot and insisted I blog it!!!

Tonight will have to be short and sweet as I want to be finished by the time DH and the terrible twosome return from swimming. I'm going to sit down at the comfortable end of the room tonight and talk to my beloved through whatever dross he chooses to watch on TV - just so he knows I still love him ;o)

So without further ado - you lovely funny commenters here is tonight's blast from the past. A bit of a departure from the 'novelty' fun of the past few days. A hit that I learned the lyrics to from Smash Hits magazine nearly 30 years ago and can, sadly, still remember to this day.

A story of angst in the face of a love affair gone wrong - enjoy!


Gina said...

Oh yes I remember it well... and sadly I could sing along too. Did make me laugh though. Things are looking great for the fair on Friday!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your hands must be sore!!! You've done sooo many things already! I love your little coffee cozies (I forgot to tell you that yesterday). You DO know that they give out the cardboard ones free, don't you?? Ha! Just kidding...yours are so much cuter! You just gave me a Starbucks Craving with that photo again!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Just brilliant once again!!!! We had a really nasty porter at our halls of residence when I was at Uni called Gordon and some friends once played this very loudly out of their bedroom windows just for him!!! (He really wasn't nice at all so I don't feel bad about this - I normally would!)

It was great talking to you today - you sounded weirdly normal too! Bizarre!

Lucy x

Julie said...

You have been working so hard I hope you sell out on Friday night. The corsages are lovely. Thanks for the memory - I remember it well. Thanks too for the laugh last night. Wurzels forever!

Monkee Maker said...

Hmmm, I'm not familiar with that song .... must be too young, I guess :)

It was rather noisy though, wasn't it?? Aaah, not to young to sound like a disapproving mother, you'll note!

Your poor fingers! I hope they'll have recovered by friday to receive all the cash from your many sales ;)

French Knots said...

Ah Smash Hits, I used to cut the song lyrics out for my fav fact I probably still have some upstairs tucked inside the record sleeves!
The coffee cosies are very cute, hope the fair goes well.

Leigh said...

You are amazing, what is the final count on goodies that you have created?

Oh no poor Ruby, let me know if she needs to go into the witness protection program! However, I can understand her makers concern with the music.

Oh yes, the music. I have never heard the song before, maybe that means it will not be stuck in my head??? Or is that wishful thinking??? I loved the guy dancing in the back and I am pretty sure I know the girl they were singing about!

Enjoy hubby time!

trashalou said...

Fabulous choice of song from yesteryear. One of my husband's favourites.

A very English song I have to tell you, it was one of those little cultural eye openers the first time he played it to me. (no really he did. That and lots of other 1970s stuff - and yet still I married him! Huh. Go figure?)

the vicious chicken said...

Not a song I know, today... but it was fun. I especially liked the dancer - he had some very special moves! And I'm grateful that you have moved away from the Wurzels and that Grandma song... my ears were starting to bleed ;o)