Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chutney Tuesday

It's been quiet craftwise in Moogsville today. The morning was spent whizzing around the shops getting goodies for the young man's birthday tomorrow.

Once home again my friend came round for lunch and I made some more chutney. Having made the two batches at the weekend it occurred to me that there is a basic underlying recipe going on which was open to a bit of tweekage. Therefore, I concocted a potion recipe of my own to include the veg I had festering in the fridge available.

I roasted some pumpkin, courgettes and yellow peppers and then bunged it all together with the rest of the ingredients and out came Roasted Vegetable Chutney. It ..... is ..... gorgeous!!
Nice and sweet, a little bit sour and spicy and tasting beautifully of the roasted veg. I'm running out of jam jars and had to put the leftover bit in a pot.

This leftover bit went on our chicken for dinner tonight - yuuuuuuummmmmy!

My friend went home with a jar of chutney and a sudden overwhelming need to make some herself! She phoned me later to tell me she'd found a load of jars in her fridge with dregs of jam etc and was washing them all out in readiness for chutneymania to take hold :) I do so enjoy being contagious!!!

As I now have a birthday cake to ice, to Monster's exact specification, I will not be hanging around tonight. I'll leave you with a bit of 1980's New Romantic groovy stuff.

I saw them play twice at the Odeon, New Street, Birmingham at the height of their popularity and they were brilliant live. You may hate them and, unlike the past two nights, I shall not be offended if you say so!! I grew up about a mile or so from where they did and knew people who knew their sister's best friend's aunt's step-sister's cousin - oh, the famous people I have almost known.....


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sorry Mrs Moogsmum, I am afraid I can not condone Duran Duran and am now feeling glad to be in the fortuitous position of having a silent computer!

Back from craft fair feeling hungry so can you email me some of that chutney please! Much more successful than last week - more about that tomorrow!

Mrs Locket

dottycookie said...

The chutney sounds yummy - can't beat a beat of home preserving!

French Knots said...

Ah those were the days, never saw them live but would have loved to.
Did you go to the Powerhouse on Bham? Have wonderful memories of student nights out there, dancing in my wellies ( spraypainted as you could only get black in those days and it was snowing out) to the Whole of the Moon.

Cathy said...

That chutney sounds fab - I want some. I think every Tuesday should be Chutney Tuesday! I've used all my spare jars for buttons and bits and bobs tho.
Cathy X

Leigh said...

Your dinner sounds yummy!

Ah.....Duran Duran, I feel so dated right now.

the vicious chicken said...

Mmmm, chutney... it looks delish! We made lots of chutney (and marmalade) for Christmas presents last year, and I keep meaning to do it for this year too but haven't yet... so thanks for reminding me! Might have to make it an activity for the weekend :o)