Thursday, November 1, 2007

Draw time draws near

15 hours to draw for 50th post giveaway....

The funny thing about blogging is that you rarely get to see the person behind the blog. Today I finally got to see Lucy and she looked exactly as I've always imagined!
So to enter into the spirit (!) of the thing here is me:

Believe me when I say this is the most photogenic I've ever looked and the grey shroud is rather slimming. Might take to wearing it on a daily basis...
My lovely niece is 11 years old tomorrow so today has been spent making her present. A bag of course:
With a matching purse and bunny:
I wanted to make her a cuddly of some sort but nothing babyish. Whilst browsing through blogland today I saw these lovelies over at Cheeky Beaks and just hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her idea. As it's for a personal gift and not to sell I hope it's ok.
We're away at my Dad's on Saturday night so not much crafty stuff will get done this weekend. However, next week I have to get stuck right in to the sewing ready for 16th November as I've booked my first ever stall at the school's Ladies' Night.

Just look at this for a sunset - isn't it incredible? Thought you might like it :o)
Last night I had THE MOST EXCITING NEWS - I actually won my first ever blog draw. Not only my first ever but a Monkee Maker draw and I won the most beautiful pink Monkee. DH really thought I'd gone quite mad 'cos I got somewhat excited - I'll be stalking the postman now 'til my new baby gets here.
I've got some recipe tweeking to do tomorrow but I'll post the Pumpkin Brains Muffin recipe (thanks for the name trashalou !) once I've got it sussed.
Now I'm off for a very early night as there is just 14 hours and 36 minutes left before I draw the winner of my 50th post giveaway - if you haven't done so already leave a comment now on Wednesday's post to be in with a chance. See you at 12.01pm tomorrow then :o)


French Knots said...

You are taller than I imagined, perhaps it's the camera angle!

Ali said...

So glad to see a photo of you, because I'd hate to pass you in the street and not know who it was ;)

lyn said...

Bloody good idea, wearing a shroud.
One wouldn't have to bother with make-up or brushing one's hair or anything.
I think it may catch on you know.
I love the bag, nice mix of fabrics.

Bethany Hissong said...

How attractive you are! You look so tall ;)
Good luck getting ready for your Ladies Night!!!
Your niece will love the bag, purse and bunny!!! They turned out so cute!
And... YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! (see my blog..ha ha!)

Gina said...

Lesley, you are obviously gorgeous! Tall slim and... grey! Love the bag etc... lucky niece

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hey, great bunny. Absolutely cool to give as a personal gift and credit the inspiration. That's exactly the spirit of blogland. Thanks for the mention.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I still think I'm more gorgeous than you!!!! (and that's not just jealousy at you winning a monkee!)

Looking forward to the draw - only 26 minutes left and counting!

Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Great shot of you in all your finery .... well, your finest bed sheet, anyway.

I love the gifts you made for your niece, she'll be well chuffed!

And I too was snapping the sky yesterday, both the red sky in the morning and the evening - gorgeous, wasn't it?

And finally .... HP5 has gone in the post tonight :)

ps. RGH is my hero too ;)

Cowboys & Custard said...

You do look a little pale.. have you been taking your tonic recently.. no not gin and tonic!
I have just discovered your smile inducing blog.. just love your sense of humour...
Made me smile without having to resort to a coat hanger!
I will return..