Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have a cunning plan

Oh how I love your comments and the comfort they bring! It's nice to know that in the face of considerable blog peer pressure there are others out there who, like me, find being a parent a challenge and are unafraid to admit it!!

I've made a management decision. The troops have been informed. From tomorrow we are trialling a new morning regime. It goes like this:

Child A and child B know that every school-day morning involves the same activites:
get up, wash and brush teeth, dress, eat breakfast, brush hair, shoes and coats on and out.

The routine does not vary. The activities are replicated every school-day. Therefore they must show that they can do it themselves without cause for nagging, shouting, arguing etc etc.

You get the picture?

I've told them that they can do it all themselves. If they do not I will still take them to school at 8.30 no matter what state or stage of dress/undress they are in. If they wish to walk to school in one sock and a pair of knickers so be it.

Watch this space!!!

I haven't sewn a stitch today. I've faffed and f**ted around employing all my best avoidance techniques.
I bought some pale pink and lilac gingham ribbon (camera lying again!) for some sewing projects.

I bought some of these for some more sewing projects:

I wandered round and round Hobbycraft stroking things, putting them in my basket, taking them out again, justifying why I should buy something, reminding myself why I should not!

Lucy phoned me mid-shop and tried her hardest to convince me to buy something lovely. However, nothing in there really did it for me today.

I couldn't go home without something just for me, now could I?

A quick stop enroute at Tesco express enabled me to find just what I was looking for.

Unfortunately it was also Ruby's idea of a treat...

and it took some doing to convince her that I should have some. She let me have the small sample bar but she wasn't going to let this baby go!

I couldn't let myself have a whole day with nothing to show for it and cooked a tray of raisin flapjacks when I got home. I know just how to pull the wool over DH's eyes impress my lovely husband!!

I forced myself to do two stripes on Monster's crochet blanket and then it was school, dinner, swimming, bedtime.
I am now going to rationalise my list of things to make, plan some little bits for next Friday's stall and prepare myself for a day of sewing tomorrow.
I have a feeling we need something to round it all off. So this is for you sisters - great video too!!
P.S. nearly forgot that I found this fab bias binding idea over at Creative Little Daisy today - see how the long winter evenings just fly by......


Monkee Maker said...

Regarding the new routine .... I dare you!!

And oooh, what was that cherry mini bar like? (it is cherry isn't it?) I saw it but went for the butterscotch instead.

Hurrah! Sounds like I'm not the only one who "has been busy all day!" if hubby asks .... but really only got the hoover out 5 minutes before he's due in ;)

Patti said...

I did read somewhere in a "how to be a good housewife" type book that it was essential to leave the hoover in the hall so that when husband comes home it looks like you've been cleaning. Unfortunately for me - the mess on the floor (and everywhere else) would give me away.

I would love to see a mum carry this threat through.

French Knots said...

Like the cunning plan! I have a chart on the wall with pictures on as my youngest can't read yet showing what must be done each school morning - does it work? No! Which, of course, is my own fault. Might go with the send them to school half dressed and unfed option and see if it props up my authority!

marit said...

I like your plan! Wouldn't bet on it working though...
As for being the perfect housewife...:
Hubby's away most of the time, so we run around like headless chicks on the day he's expected home, splashing nicesmelling detergents all over the place, and hide all the newspapers that usually covers the diningroomtable underneath it. He'll only be home for a couple of days- who will ever notice???

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

My delightful computer has FINALLY let me get here! Good luck with tomorrow morning! I've done it to Fred - started taking him out to the car, giving him his coat to put on over his pyjamas - shocked him into getting dressed PDQ! My main aim re housework/lack of it is to make sure I'm NOT sitting in front of the computer blogging at the time my husband walks through the door!

Leigh said...

Oh please, let me know if the new routine works. I really want to know who wins!

When trying to impress hubby with all of my daytime busies - I just start blowing a lot. Then he says I seem tired, and does some of the work that is left! Dang, hope he nevers reads this......

Gina said...

Like your shopping... especially the chocolate bit! I've threatened to send my boys to school in pyjamas on many occasions but was never brave enough to carry it through... good luck with the new routine!
Gina x

trashalou said...

Routine good idea. Tried it a few months ago with my 'Terences'. (Also 6&8 at time).

The list of jobs is posted on the kitchen larder door and all I will do is give them timechecks.

If they are not ready to walk out the door when I am then they can freeze, be laughed at, etc, etc and then opefully next time they will do the job required!

Seems to work.

Most of the time.

Cowboys & Custard said...

I just love that Ruby... she has the most expressive eyes.. and who wouldn't guard that chocolate with their life?