Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm going in there and may be some time ...

Sometimes there is just no getting away from the fact that my fabric stash will not tidy itself. As with the rest of our house it inevitably ends in disappointment as I realise the fairies are not going to visit in the night and make it a tidy, clean, uncluttered show home. Down to me then :(

I always give in and do it myself. Maybe the fairies would come if I left it a bit longer. They're probably very busy if Kim and Aggie and Anthea are anything to go by. Guess, I'll never know as I always crack in the end!!

This ponderous grumbling is leading up to the fact that today was the day for filling the living room with four tonnes of fabric getting all my fabric together to sort it out properly.

1. Empty stash out of conservatory, and from all corners of lounge/diner.

Ruby helped with this bit but decided this was not her idea of fun and left me to it after posing.

2. Sort fabric into totally meaningless piles some semblance of order.

3. Rehome fabric in a tidier, more organised looking but ultimately totally impractical corner of the overcluttered glass appendage to our house, laughingly known as 'The Conservatory'.

First time I need to sew anything it will look like no.1 again!!!! At least it should look a little less horrific when DH's parents arrive on Wednesday! I even managed to find about 1 square metre of carpet to vacuum in the conservatory - marvellous.

The slow down in sewing has meant I've picked up Minx's ripple blanket again. It's a wonderful thing to do as it keeps me so warm whilst I crochet.

My camera does not show the colours well at all. There is no red in there, believe me. A dark raspberry pink, yes, but no bright red.

I have about 2 ft left to crochet and then I plan to do a stripy crochet blanket for Monster but his will be just straight stripes rather than ripples. Nothing too 'girlie' for my Star Wars, Robin Hood, Dr Who, football and sword fighting fanatic of a very nearly 8 years old son.

Now, Monkee Maker (Happy Birthday by the way!) I have to explain myself or rather I have to explain my dog.

She found the whole 'woman filling every space possible that I want to go to sleep in' experience a little too traumatic today. After a trip down the garden to bark at blue tits, sparrows, planes, clouds, rain, cats, dogs, leaves, imaginary dog pixies,people going out, people coming in, b***dy everything something she came in with filthy paws and took herself for a little walk over my nice clean flanelette thrifted sheet. I may have told her off slightly.

She is a dog of very little brain after all.

However, whilst I was busy in the 'conservatory' ( hahahahahaha - makes me laugh every time I call it that), restacking my fabric, she finally found a comfy place to settle down.

I told her to 'Get off my b***dy monkee you dirty dog' (or something similar).

I think this face says 'No' - what do you think?

Ho hum! Anyone got Cesar's number?

I had a little lurk in blogland whilst girding my loins for the tidying this morning and had to show you this - dottycookie's puddings . Isn't it lovely? This has gone onto my ever growing list of things I want to make :)

So there you have it - Monday.

Before I go to warm my frozen knees with my crochet here is today's musical goodie. In my very humble opinion the best rock band ever and as such I found it impossible to choose a single track.

It's Queen and the fabulous Freddie, who I still cannot believe is not here. I haven't linked to Bohemian Rhapsody (although I do love it). I wanted to go for some of their other greats so if you like Queen, go for
2 makes me want to cry. He was so ill here.
4 - an earlier one
5 - great to sing loudly in the car. Need a leotard like that one!!
6 - ignore the bird with the bad make-up. Just love the guitar when the train comes through.

We really could be here all night and I'm sure you all have lives so we'll leave it there :)

As with yesterday's Swedish lovelies, if you don't like Queen please don't tell me ;)

I have a thank you before I do - finally - take my leave. Thank You Lucy Locket for reminding me I can open up another window in Explorer - I've been able to listen to all of the above on the PC whilst blogging :)))))) (oops - just reread this and realised I'm totally insensitive 'cos you can't do this Lucy :( )
As you can see MM and Ali the crossing out is being used ad nauseum going well!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I 'spose I'll forgive you for your crass insensitivity - this time! Ripply looking good, mess even more comforting and familiar than you may realise and Moog very funny. All in all a jolly good post Mrs Moogsmum. Glad to see you have been working hard and finding small patches of carpet - bet they are not there anymore!!! The Locket x

Ali said...

I crown thee 'Queen of the crossing out'. Hip hip...

dottycookie said...

Cor, you have been busy. I have been clearing out some boxes for my stash too, but I need to get rid of some old bits of paper I'll never use first. Wonder if I can find a monkey to help?!

Thank you for saying nice things about my pudding!

marit said...

Your dog has the most adorable eyes!!! Ruby is a cutie too.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Gina said...

That looks like true love between Moog and Ruby!!! (not sure Ruby has much choice in the matter!)Love all your mess... it makes me feel so much better about mine (I'm not brave enough to post photos!)Great choice of music, great ripple blanket... great post all round!

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, that's some stash you have there, Missy!

Thanks for the birthday wishes .... sounds like you have a birthday coming up at your place soon.

And better Moog's mush than what she had on poor Ruby last time!!

Cathy said...

Is your dog really sticking it's tongue out?! Well, that's told you! Well done for sorting out the fabric. I do it every so often but as soon as I sew something (even if it is really small) the whole lot looks like a jumble sale again!
Cathy X

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