Monday, November 5, 2007

Moogsmum's Monday Monkee Magic

Whilst we were taxi-ing the kids to their Saturday morning activities the postman left me a card telling me there was a package waiting for me at the sorting office.
I had a sneaking suspicion what it might be so after quickly throwing the children into school this morning and sprinting home I drove like an F1 driver to the sorting office to collect said parcel.
After a short (40 minute!!!) queue I got my eager mitts on my parcel and then exercised more restraint than I thought possible - I actually took it home and used scissors to open it just so's I could photograph the process for your delight!

Now what could this pretty package contain?

Ooh, look it's just as pretty on the inside...

Any idea what this might be?
A breach birth obviously...
Nearly there. You may be able to tell what it is.

It's my beautiful Monkee prize from the lovely Monkee Maker.
Welcome to your new home gorgeous!

Oh so pretty. I have to say she's even more gorgeous in the flesh (knit?).
She's been rechristened Ruby.

The first thing I did was introduce her to the Moog but neither of them seemed too keen on the idea.
Then we had to pop round to my friend's for coffee and chocolate cake which Ruby seemed to enjoy. As you can see safety is paramount.

The afternoon was spent preparing a lovely fish pie for tonight's dinner.
But Ruby was not at all keen. I think it was the smoked haddock that really put her off.

By this stage Ruby was feeling very hungry and looking a little pale as the chocolate cake had gone down. For heaven's sake woman, an empty cake tin? What's that about? You got a Monkee in the house now. This thing needs to be kept full at all times!

Phew! Not a total dead loss on the Monkee food front you'll be pleased to know. See, those cheeks are looking pinker already...

Ruby stayed at home whilst I went to fetch the kids. She was tired from her busy day and didn't fancy the walk up the big hill on the way back.

Minx took to her immediately (of course!) and showed her the best TV programmes to watch:

Sausage is playing a bit harder to get and is doing the whole 'See how many strange positions you can make the Monkee get into and how much can you humiliate a knitted Monkee' thing but I saw him looking at her and I know it's just a bluff. He's as smitten as the rest of us.
DH played a similar game by pretending to chop her head off with a light sabre but d'you know, she didn't even flinch and I think he actually felt quite foolish. They are now sitting together watching a fascinating Dispatches programme about the housing crisis.
You go girl! Don't let those boys get to you :o)

There is one boy round here with a much softer side and that's Bozo, the Minx's cuddly Monkee Boy. As you can see they are already good friends:

I tell you that girl can flirt!
So with the week starting on such a high note it can only be good, can't it?
The rest of this week is all about sewing, sewing, sewing - 11 days to my first school fair and just 5 bags made so far. Not going to panic. Really. Not at all.
I'm going to make my 75th 'to do' list - and then I'll panic!!
Thanks once again for all your lovely comments recently. I've been utterley pants at replying but I really do love getting your comments and will be working on the replying thing.
If you tried to make the muffins I hope they came out ok. Mine seemed a little dense this time so I may reduce the flour to 9 or 10oz and see how they go. They all got eaten though but we did have to grumble a bit about how heavy they were =)


Ali said...

Someone's been having fun with their new Monkey! You made me laugh.

Becky said...

You are so creative. I loved reading about Ruby's adventures.

I bought some pumpkin today and hope to try the muffins soon.

Bethany Hissong said...

You are so lucky! And so is Ruby!! She's adorable. Good luck on getting all your sewing done!! Just put on some good music and get into the sewing zone!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ruby looks like she's settled in really well - even if you did try to feed her to the dog then make her eat fish pie! HP4 has just arrived at my door this morning and seems quite happy so far (but what should I give him for lunch? Any tips?)

Lucy x

dottycookie said...

Oh, those monkees are getting everywhere!

Good luck with the sewing. I am half thinking about having a stall at our school fayre on the 9th, but I think it might just be one commitment too far for me right now ...

Patti said...

So glad to see Ruby is settling in well.

I've just opened a parcel - and it wasn't a monkey - I've never been so disappointed with a parcel before. sob

Monkee Maker said...

Oh fabulous!!

How come my monkees look so much better on other people's blogs??

And hmmm ..... I notice you showed off the ironic stitching on quite a few of those shots - thanks for that!

Hope you'll all be very happy together (and now I want a pink monkee!!)

Monkee Maker said...

ps. Did you REALLY have to wait 40 minutes?? Blimey, I thought ours was bad!!

Suzie Sews said...

I am seriously green here!!!

lina said...

So cute! My daughter is Ruby, also a monkey (but not as hilarious!)

Leigh said...

I love Ruby!!! The stinky fish Ruby is just the funniest! Thank you for the laugh!!!

Cowboys & Custard said...

It is 6.54 a.m and here I am chuckling away at Ruby's antics.. especially the pic of her aversion to haddock..
Now there's not much that makes me laugh at this time of the morning.. Thanks Lesley!


Kae said...

Awwww, your Ruby is such a sweetie :D Looks like she's feeling at home already :D


My Paper World said...

Hilarious antics! thanks for making me laugh!