Monday, November 12, 2007

The Management cannot be held responsible for insomnia caused by the reading of this blog

Hee hee - never thought I'd provoke such emotion with yesterday's little harmless link to YouTube. If it's any help I have today been humming not only yesterday's link but the other six on my list for the rest of the week!

Just wait until you hear today's great UK hit from the days of my childhood!!

I was working on the Rosy dolls over the weekend and by this morning had got to this stage:

I cannot believe how long it took me to make their little clothes - it used up all of today's child free time.

As they are only little (11 inch high) dolls I don't think I'll be able to charge a great deal for them. You know how it is - you know just how much time and work has gone into them but the people buying them may not be able to appreciate that.

So tomorrow I really must get cracking on some little cheaper pieces for Friday's 'Ladies' Night' at the Monster's school. As long as they don't put me next to the Ann Summers stall with their display of chocolate willies I'll be fine!!!! Note to self - make sure you eat your dinner before going out to save possible embarrassment.

I popped out to the fabric shop for a new bulb for my sewing machine today and while I was there I saw the perfect fabric for the Minx and Monster for their Children in Need outfits for school on Friday. Both schools have requested they wear something spotty. As they have no spotty clothes (unless you count ketchup and gravy stains as spotty that is!) I was stuck for what to do.

As you know by now I rarely buy new fabric - most of my stash is charity shop, gifted and scrapstore. So it was with a heavy heart that I parted with £6.30 for 1.5 metres of fabric for a school thing!!

Having said that I am kind of pleased with how they turned out. Minx's skirt hem has been ripped out and redone since I took the photo. Even though it's just for the one day I couldn't bring myself to send her in with the hem dipping by over an inch at the front! Monster's barmy trousers are going to become PJ bottoms after Friday.

So now what you've all been waiting for.....
As French Knots pre-empted my initial plan to link to this song today I will save you that torture and instead may I proudly present these great Somerset popstars.


the vicious chicken said...

Wow, it does look like it's been a hive of activity at your house - congrats on getting so much done! I think the little dolls are lovely, and the spotty tousers are just FAB (I wish I had some jammies like that!)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliant again Lesley! I just wish my computer had sound!!!! (and no, I'm NOT being ironic!) Those dolls look amazing - how big are they exactly? Don't under-price yourself because you will be cross later if you let them go too cheaply - think what fantastic christmas presents they would be and maybe you should consider putting them in an Etsy shop for a couple of days at the upper end of your price to see what response you get - I think you would be surprised!

Still singing in my head even if I can't hear the music! Lucy xxx

Monkee Maker said...

Very sweet dolls .... it's amazing how long the fiddly bits take, isn't it?

And I absolutely, categorically and DEFINITELY refuse to click on your link which is bound to be the Wurzels - I had enough trouble last night, thank you very much.

PLEASE let it be Led Zepp, Deep Purple or even Whitesnake that you take us back to tomorrow :)

French Knots said...

Aaarrgghhh!! I know all the words! all. the. words. I can't remember 3 items of shoping without a list but know all the words to that song.
Love the dolls, v.cute.

Bethany Hissong said...

WHERE do you find these songs???? And WHY do you listen to them?!!! Though I might have to play this for my husband as he grew up on a farm!
Your dolls are so cute... you're going to have a great Ladies Night!
Your kids looked cute too (minus their faces!)... love those polka dots!!!

Elora said...

Really love your dolls - especially the funky coloured hair. Enjoying the aweful side of british pop -so much to choose from - can we expect something from the Wombles next?

dottycookie said...

Oh blimey, I'm humming it and I didn't even play it! It's scary to think how many other things best forgotten are tucked away in my noggin.

Our school is asking for everyone to go in pyjamas this year. I shall be digging out their thermals too ...

Julie said...

Yay! The Wurzels!!!!! Seen them twice live and they are amazin!
Your dolls are lovely.

Julie said...

I trust Monkee is not going to be left out of the spotty bonanza?! :)

Patti said...

Those dolls are great. You have been a busy bee.

Leigh said...

I love your dolls! I am sure they will be a success. Shame on you for that song. I scared myself by performing a dance. Just shoot me now, before I go to the next song and a neighbor spies me through a window!

Anonymous said...

your dolls are beautiful! very cute indeed!