Saturday, November 10, 2007

Monkee bike

Just a quick Monkee diary type post today before we settle down to watch Robin Hood.

DH went out very early this morning to buy a bike carrier for the roof rack and as a result we have been on our first family bike ride this afternoon. I was apprehensive as it's only the second time I've ridden my bike in the two years I've owned it and I'm slightly (!!!!) out of shape. In fact, I was singing this in my head the whole time!!

We went 'over the border' into East Dorset to Moors Valley Country Park . This place has everything, maybe a bit too 'managed' for my liking but great bike trails.

Of course, the Monkees had to come too:

Ruby wrapped up warm. She grumped a bit to start with as she really wanted to do this.
Minx with her PG chimp
Monster with a bag of bionicles (but of course!) and a minkee.

The trails were really quiet. We tend not to go here in the summer as the place is surrounded by holiday parks and all the world and his manky wife and obnoxious children tend to take over. That does sound a trifle snotty on my part, doesn't it? Never mind ;o)

I was actually quite pleased with how I did. I can still sit down and I can walk too! It may be something to do with the fact that the kids stopped every 50 metres for a winge, moan or winge - or moan, so I didn't have to exert myself too much!!
Ruby had a great time climbing trees:


She did get a bit peckish and foraged for some 'wild food'.

Not too keen on that - think I'll just rest in here a while.....

To make the most of the beautiful day we walked the 'play trail' after our bike ride.

I love these carvings.
The ant's nest slide - wheeeeeeee.........

The owl.....

The toadstools.....

We've all come home with rosy cheeks and the Moog is out for the count. I may relax with the rippling tonight as I'm cold and having almost a full rippled blanket to work on will warm me up nicely.
Tomorrow may be a trip to the beach to find treasure - see ya xxxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well you might feel okay tonight but wait until the day after tomorrow - that's when it will hurt!!!! (or at least that's what it's like after the allotment!)

Glad you and the monkees (and the family of course) had fun. Robin Hood was a bit depressing though - not left me feeling perky - need more wine obviously!

Lucy x

Leanne said...

I am with Lucy on this one - wait until you want to go to the toilet tomorrow at around 4pm those gluts will be giving you hell. Ruby is very luck to have been adopted by such a fun loving family.

French Knots said...

You are mad! Or fitter then you're letting on. I'm aching and I've only spent the evening perched on a flip up plastic seat watching my daughter in the Brownie swimming gala! Better get the radox out in preparation for tomorrow, don't you love the way we are all sooo supportive :)

Monkee Maker said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Loved the link to Queen's song .... I shall be humming that on my cycle to work tomorrow!!

I also think the shot of the PG monkey gazing up at Ruby on the mushroom is adorable!

ps. if you do ache after the cycling .... that red wine you enjoyed earlier in the week acts as a good anaestethic ;)

Leigh said...

So glad you all had fun, to include Ruby! I had fun just watching!

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