Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing shop!

I used to love playing shop as a child and getting ready for tomorrow's craft sale has enabled me to indulge myself totally!! I'm not a great believer in over packaging but somehow the corsages didn't look much as they were just loose in a basket. A bit of a play on MSWord and a raid of my papercraft stash - sorted:

Although I'm still unconvinced about over packaging I think I perhaps understand a little more now about adding value with a bit of presentation.
Still don't get why kid's toys have to be practically welded into their triple layer packages though. Maybe a manufacturer's idea of a joke. Bet their Christmas days are so jolly as they imagine the millions of stressed out parents hunting for scissors, fighting off children desperate to play with their new toy all the while lacerating their fingers on the sharp plastic cartons whilst trying to cook dinner and entertain the in-laws. Just saying.

Before I got obsessed with sewing I was obsessed with cardmaking and a bit of scrapbooking. Therefore, I have a sizeable stash of papercraft supplies. Amongst them is this little wonder that I have never really used before:

I do like a bit of problem solving.

Today I was trying to work out how to price things up without using irremovable stickers. I remembered my little perforator and after emptying all my papercraft toolkit over the floor I eventually found it.
It's ideal for scoring the end of a tag so that I can write the price on the blank bit. If it's bought for a gift whoever buys the item can then just rip the price off but keep the tag intact.

Made some stickers for sealing bags and packets.

I bought some paper bags today and prettied them up with a bit of stamping. I've also got some paper carrier bags to do for the handbags. I even made myself some business cards!

Ruby kept me company and enjoyed playing shop too!

I have to make something to donate to the raffle tomorrow night and also fancy making a few dammit dolls so the sewing machine will be out again tomorrow. I also plan to take a couple of samples of other bits along which folk can order if they wish.
I'm sending out good luck vibes to Lucy tonight as she has her penultimate craft sale. Go Lucy!!
Anyhoo - enough of this boring craft stuff, it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for. How can I better the musical offerings of the past few days. It will have to be a real goody.
Eurovision it has to be then!! If you remember the dance join in :o)


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Your corsages look absolutely gorgeous, and the packaging looks amazing! You've been so busy!

But crikey, Lesley .... only two pounds and fifty pence for those cute cup holders?? Surely you're under-pricing yourself? After all your hard work! Sheesh.

I realise that people don't want to pay much for hand-crafted goods, but honestly .... I think they'd pay more than that - I know I would and wish I was coming tomorrow!!

(Quick - rip off those tags .... great idea, by the way .... and re-price them)



Monkee Maker said...

oops - I was forgetting - I was so bowled over by your great things .... oh how I loved that song when I was young!

So for this blast from the past I'm going to forgive you for all your previous wrong-doings.

Can't say fairer than that now, can I?

the vicious chicken said...

Wow - I wish I could come to your sale - your work all looks fab :o) I hope you do really well tomorrow.

I have to admit, I really like today's song too... one of my fave Eurovision sing-a-longs, that... although there are other contenders. Remeber Bucks Fizz? Not such a good song, but much snazzier costumes!

Lesley said...

Oh VC - now I've got to go back to the drawing board for tomorrow's song!! Off to YouTube I go.....

Kae said...

I wish I could come to your sale; the corsages look fantastic!!! And clever you :) the packaging made everything look sooo professional!! (I'm with MM here though... are you sure you are not under-pricing yourself? Yeah, I know what it's like - I work in a school... but still... )
Anyway, GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!!


(P.S. You're taking Ruby with you, aren't you? She looks like she knows all the tricks of the trade/fair :D)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh wow! What packaging!!!! If only I had had that tonight! Maybe I would have made some money! What an ignominious failure tonight was! If it wasn't for my winnings on the tombola I would be one super depressed little crafter!!! No doubt I will whinge about it on my blog tomorrow!

I love that song by the way although I thought you would be playing Bucks Fizz too! I remember practising the dance routine to that in the playground - the one and only time I have EVER tried to learn a dance routine!!!!!

Julie said...

Your packaging and presentation looks wonderful. I hope everything flies off the stall after all your hard work. Thanks for the music memories - I liked this number too.

Ali said...

There's something so fun about packaging.

For me I think it harks back to 'playing shops'.

Yours is looking good!

Leigh said...

I agree with the other comments, your packaging is great!!! Wishing you lots of luck at your sale!

My song comment for the day is: Beauty queens could learn a lot from those waves. I will not comment on the jumpsuits, I am pretty sure I had one though.

Gina said...

I'm a bit late adding my comment here but everything looks fantastic for your stall. The packaging is so professional. Wish I could come along to visit! (But agree with Monkee maker... underpriced!)
Another classic(?) song to make me smile... though I am concerned that I seem to know the words to every song you've posted this week... how sad is that??
Now off to re-think my packaging!

Patti said...

Wow. That stuff looks great. I'm with the others on the under pricing though. Hard isn't it.

you have worked so hard and everything is lovely. The idea of the cupholders is inspired. Hope things go well.

Elora said...

I hope it goes really well with the sale - wish i could come too! Think the packaging was a good plan it looks very professional makes the corsages really stand out. Im going to our local craft fair tommorrow to seek out some awkward peoples christmas presents (its at the lighthouse - Chubb buildings if you know it?) - would love to be able to sell some stuff myself one day but for now i will certianly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into handmade things. Love the song - tucked my thumbs into my very high trousers and sang along!

Leanne said...

Your packaging is fantastic there is a lot to be said for presentation. I hope all goes well and you sell everything.