Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wanted: 1 sewing room with locking door

Cor blimey - thought I'd never get here! Master Sausage Monster and DH have been hogging the PC this evening to play important Star Wars games. For heavens sake guys that's why I bought the flamin' laptop!!!!!!!
Don't they know blogging takes precedence over all else?!!

As you can tell I'm back to 'normal' - feelin' fine and drinkin' wine. DH had a v bad day at work and came home bearing gifts of wine and chocolate. Yay, for work related stress says I!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your words of support about yesterday's dental marathon - got the same fun in 2 weeks time - can't wait =)

I got stuck in to the sewing today and cut out a batch of 'little girl' bags and have so far sewn four. The first three are pictured below:
Another 4 are cut out ready for tomorrow. They would have been made today if only I lived in a house with a sewing room (and no children or wine-bearing husband)- we have a through lounge/diner and I do tend to take over somewhat :o)
Unfortunately I'm also totally anal about eating our evening meal at the table 'en famille' so have to clear my crud away in time for dinner. I may have to resort to sandwiches or toast for tea for the next week!!
On the monkee front things were surprisingly quiet this morning - mmmm.
I was busy sewing but after a while I thought I'd better seek out Ruby, in case she was up to no good with the muffins.
Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of discovering this act of senseless canine cruelty to innocent primates:
Oh my, a monkee limb protuding from the Moog's posterior!!!
Oh phew, not actually been digested and excreted then (sorry - tasteless I know) just buried in enormously fluffsome Moog trousers.

Feeling slightly wonky after being rescued from whiffy Moog undergarments:

After some facial rearrangement and a game of 'dress up the monkee' with the Minx the Rubemeistergeneral felt a little better:

Thank goodness for that! Thought I might have to use your very useful and very funny washing instructions for a minute there Monkee Maker!! Fortunately I'm immune to the pong of Moog now so can cope without having to bleach the Monkee ;o)
In case you are desperate for something to do with runny bananas here's the recipe I promised:
Ruby Monkee's Chocolate and Banana Muffings:
3 v ripe bananas
2 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
2 - 2.5 tablespoons sunflower oil
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4oz golden granulated sugar
8oz self raising flour
1oz cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
Mash the bananas well and mix in all wet ingredients. Add all dry ingredients and combine but don't go mad and stir too much - just combined is fine.
Put into paper muffin cases and bake at Gas Mk 5 for 15-20 mins.
(sorry for the unhelpful non-translation of the recipe for those of you either not using UK measurements or not 'cooking on gas' - would have meant far too much effort on my part - mwaaa ha ha ha ha!)
I managed to make 11 in my big muffin tray - I know, weird number!! If you used a fairy cake tray and cup cake cases you'd get at least 12 big ones - as it were!!
They'll be firm and risen when cooked. Lovely warm and equally nice the next day with a big mug of coffee. If you are a monkee, serve with chopped banana and three Cadbury's Roses chocolates washed down with a chilled Bud ;o)
Now I'm going to sit down and recover from having to correct soooo many typos due to the effects of vino plonko on my attempt to blog coherently tonight. Drinking on a school night? I know! It's dreadful I know but I'm really only doing it to offer DH some moral support ;o)


Leanne said...

Another great post- love the bags - love Moogs bum(can I say that in blog land. Poor Ruby she may be scared for life.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hooray for Muffins! I will try to make them at the weekend when my already over-ripe bananas will definitely be runny! Glad Ruby escaped unscathed from the Moog's nether-regions! Still love that bag by the way - even if I could make one myself, I didn't and YOU did - therefore I want it! See?

No Vino Plonko here tonight unfortunately - just a little bit of beer but heading off in the direction of ice-cream with cream and flake on top (bloody shop didn't have an Baileys to pour over like my friend did yesterday!)

Hopefully off to the Living North crafty fairy thing tomorrow with friends if Dot makes it back to school - off feeling manky today. Hooray for Calpol for tomorrow! Only joking!?!

French Knots said...

Vino on a school night.....why yes of course!Some days it's the only thing that gets me through homework/tea/bath/bed :)
You are braver than me, two dental marathons in a life time is too much, never mind in a month.

Gina said...

Love the bags Lesley. Poor Ruby... but she appears unscathed by her experience! G x
p.s. I'm all for vino on school nights (or any night come to that) how else do you get through the week???

Kae said...

Hope you shared your wine with Ruby; she probably needed a drink after her experience... lol.

Wine's good for ya anyway :D It's made with fruit... and fruit is good for you... sooo wine must be as well :D My excuse and I'm sticking with it lol :D


Patti said...

I agree wine is good for you. I count it as one of my five a day. And if I have "Fruit and Nut" with it then that's another one down.

Healthy living, that's me.

the vicious chicken said...

Heehee - glad Ruby's still smiling after being buried in those "fluffsome Moog trousers" (sorry, I liked that phrase of yours so much, I wanted to use it myself!)

The muffins look yummy - thanks for the recipe. I will have to try them sometime :o)

Monkee Maker said...

*Shuddering* It's a good job that Moog isn't a boy dog .... the thought of all those dangly bits draped over poor Ruby is just too much!!

..... Moog is a girl dog, isn't she??

On a less shudder inducing note .... cute bags :)

And following on from Patti's brilliant point ..... if you then move on to Cider, you're having Apple as well, thereby adding to the five-a-day count ;)

Leigh said...

I have laughed so hard about Moogs and Pitiful Ruby! Thank you for the laughter and recipe!