Monday, December 17, 2007

As long as you don't tell me it's Christmas Eve in a week's time I'll be fine!

I hope you all had a great weekend and that the Christmas preparations aren't driving you totally mad! We seem to have spent our whole weekend ferrying the children to their football and dancing activities. Minx was in a Christmas dance show yesterday and was a real star strutting her funky stuff to the Spice Girls.

They finish school on Wednesday and I can't wait as they are getting impossible to motivate in the morning. The shouting must have been bad this morning as I saw my neighbour wearing ear defenders! (That was a joke by the way;)) (the ear defenders bit) (not the shouting).

Ho hum.

I've been asked by Clothears for a run down on making the fabric scarf so here goes.

Cut two pieces of fabric approximately 146cm by 27cm - this includes 1cm seam allowances. Pin together with right sides facing. Starting on one of the short sides stitch all the way around, leaving a gap of approx. 10cm to turn through. After turning through and pressing, topstitch all the way around.

To work out where to put the button and buttonhole drape the scarf around your neck (if you start to turn blue it's too tight!!). Mark positions of button and buttonhole with pins or fabric marker.

Work a large buttonhole on one end of the scarf and stitch a button to the other end.

Tra la - done. As they used to say on the Generation Game - 'that's all there is to it!'

That was the simplest way. I made my scarf by using contrasting fabrics on the top piece. You could play for ever with patchwork/applique - ooh my, I have a head full of ideas now!! Can you imagine patchworked velvets or appliqued wools?

My lovely friend Kayla came round for a cuppa this morning and look at the fab goodies she bought with her. I haven't tried them yet but I may have to draw straws to help decide which one to have first as they both look yummy. I love the name she's given herself - Mamma K!!

Crafty wise I whipped up this little appliqued and fabric painted fairy for a cushion (don't look too closely at her dodgily painted arms and legs!)

and I finally managed to finish this little lot. These pillows are presents for my two beasties, my nephews and niece. They've been made for ages but I had to sew buttons on and make cushion pads for them today. I may have to buy a good yardage of wrapping paper!

I have also framed Minx's first embroidery and will wrap it for Christmas.

I've checked my list and the only sewing I have to do now is three children's aprons. If I feel the urge I may make some cuddly toys or then again I may try to get my poor neglected house back into some semblance of order!!

I'll post a photo of Monster's 'it'll never get finished in time for Christmas' crocheted blanket tomorrow. I may have to do a few more rows tonight when he's asleep. It's not even half done, it's eating wool and I can't find the same colours at the wool shop - aagh! It may have to be half stripy and half plain and I'll have to pretend that's how it was meant to be ;)

As 'the guvna' I've been invited into Minx's school to help serve and then eat a Christmas dinner tomorrow. Minx has just been dosed up with drugs as she is full of cold and has had a hot flush. She can't miss tomorrow - Christmas dinner and the school disco - highlights of her school year!! I also can't miss the opportunity to don a sparkly Santa hat and serve food to 256 hungry noisy monkeys ;)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well I've been waiting all day to read this post and it was well worth it! Love the "if you turn blue" bit! The cushions look fab. The fairy is far too nice to sell. And you are clearly far too exalted a member of the local community, Guvna', to be mixing with the likes of me!!! Hope Minxy is well for tomorrow. Fred is streaming and croaky but I really don't want him to miss tomorrow as it is his trip to the Panto. But then again he won't get home til 5pm so if he is feeling "crubbish" it may not be the best thing! Ah, the dilemmas of mommyhood!

Have fun tomorrow lunchtime - I'll be thinking of you (and sniggering to myself - quietly of course!)

Locket xxx

trashalou said...

Dear Guvna Missus Moogsmum,
you will be triffic at serving festive dinner to 700 hungry monkeys. This is why you have been practicing your best shouty voice all week.

Yours obsequiously,


Leigh said...

Thank you for giving us the directions to make your lovely scarf!!!

Best of luck with all of your activities!

Patti said...

I get tired just reading your posts.

Good luck on the serving to 200 odd monkeys. I envy your sewing, I don't envy that. Good on you.

Monkee Maker said...

Wow - you've been so busy! Please don't run yourself into the ground before next week, will you?

ps. I've read your last two posts round the wrong way .... but I'd take 1 poorly child + shopping + cake over 256 hungry monkeys any day!

dottycookie said...

Oddly enough I also have 3 aprons to seq before Christmas - well, actually 4 but one is for a grown up and 3 are pink frilly kiddly ones so far more enticing.