Friday, December 14, 2007

A bit more tickage and an achey back

It was that Lucy Locket woman who got me started on this idea of publishing my to do lists on the blog - so if you're getting bored with my lists you know who to blame!

I have to agree with Lucy though that it is great discipline and I am getting more done as a result. However, the housework has taken a back seat. Well, not so much a back seat as a very dodgily attached trailer that is about to become uncoupled and career off down a ravine into a big messy heap of laundry, papers, shoes and dust!!!!!!

The updated lists that you are all desperate to see:

Stitch Dachsund applique
Stitch initials on aprons
Transfer children's drawings onto coaster fabric
embroider coasters

cut out fairy cushion - finished Mon 17th
paint fairy on cushion front - finished Mon 17th

Sewing up:
12 tablemats
8 tablemats

3 aprons
1 shopping bag
2 dammit dolls
1 cushion
1 scarf
4 coasters

fairy cushion - finished Mon 17th

embroider dammit doll faces
fix dammit doll poems on to dolls
fix button on scarf

sew buttons onto 4 reading pillows - finished Mon 17th
Make cushion pads for 4 reading pillows and fairy pillow - finished Mon 17th
Monster's crochet blanket
Sew ends in on Minx's crochet blanket

Mother-in-law's 12 tablemats finished:

Sister-in-law's 8 tablemats finished:

Applique letters stitched onto apron pockets:

Mother-in-law's fabric scarf finished:

I've now decided to put the sewing machine away for the evening as I'm likely to make mistakes if I sew any more today.Also my back is telling me I've been sitting on an uncomfortable dining chair for far too long!

I got this beautiful handmade card from the lovely Julie today who has ordered a dammit doll and some corsages from me. She also sent some gorgeous pieces of lace that are going to be carefully stashed and thought about ready to be made into something special for me - after Christmas! Thank you Julie - it made my day :) This card is one I shall keep and most probably

put into a frame for future Christmasses.

Once those dreadfully naughty children were home from school the Monster decided to cover the lounge carpet with K'Nex and built this menora to add to our Christmas decorations. He's also made me a bunch of K'Nex snowflakes that we are going to make into a garland to hang the Christmas cards on.

I now have to take my leave as Minx has just informed me she would like to make six saddles for various sized ponies. Having said 'No, in a minute' for the past few days I feel I should oblige!
Looks like the sewing machine is coming out again! Is it bedtime yet??
Edited to say:
Half an hour later her wish was my command!!!

Now don't get the wrong idea and start thinking I'm some sort of Supermommy - it's just that I have my moments ........with huge gaps in between ;)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm seriously impressed with how much you have made for your mother-in-law - a bag, a scarf and some wonderful table-mats so far - she is one lucky lady! I really love the mats you have made for your s-i-l - that flower fabric looks great. Got to dash to fetch Daisy from her friend's house - don't want to go out coz it's too cold! Glad the lists are helping you out! Lucy xxx

Julie said...

You've certainly been a Supermummy lately! I'm exhausted just reading! The work you've done is all beautiful. Everyone should be delighted with their pressies. I'm flattered that you posted my card here. It was a play on my new embellisher!

Gina said...

Hey Super mommy... I love that scarf. Time for your glass of wine this evening - no more sewing!
Gina xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

We all know that you are a closet Supermommy!!!! You just put on an act most of the time to throw us of the trail!

Monkee Maker said...

The lists certainly seem to be working for you, those placemats are brill.

And I really like the idea of the k'nex snowflake decorations .... hmm, I'm sure we have some lego in the loft , I wonder ....

Have a happy weekend - and rest that back!

trashalou said...

It is the nice bits in between that make our kids forget all the months of emotional and mental neglect as we blog our lives away ;-)

the vicious chicken said...

Everything you make is so lovely, Mrs Moogsmum! The placemats are fab and I love the dachshund from yesterday.

I wish you'd stop being so productive, though - makes me feel veeeery slow at geting things done by comparison :o)

Leigh said...

I wish I was on your Christmas List! I love the scarf and the tablemats!!!

I will always believe you are supermommy!

cmoon said...

I do like your fabric scarf.Very nice.Any tips on how you made it?
And love the menorah, I have happy memories of visits to the Holyland.
Love your blogs.