Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Disco divas and designer shopping

This morning the Infants Choir were singing again - here.
It certainly cheered up some grumpy Christmas shoppers to see those sweet little faces and hear those fabulous voices. Each year groups from several schools in the Southampton area sing at West Quay to raise money for Hamphire Autistic Society.

Whilst I had to be in town I decided I may as well do a bit of shopping.

Where better than Primarni. That great designer establishment that many of us in the UK flock to for our exclusive fashion purchases.

A very funny lady who I used to work with always looked beautifully dressed and very designer and glam. If any of us said 'Ooh, I love that dress!' (as we very often did) she would reply 'Yes, it's Primarni daaarling!' or 'Matalano darling!'. Hi Jayne - you know who you are!!!

Here are some of my exclusive purchases:

Socks to be made into a something or other creature for Minxie.

My new smocky dress thing to wear with my jeans. First person in the school playground who asks if I'm pregnant will be sorry!

Some princessy school disco shoes for Minx - complete with hefty price tag!!

I ventured into Pumpkin Patch and depressed myself by looking at the oh so beautiful little girl's clothes - all of which are currently out of my price range :(

I even came home thinking I should start looking for a job again. All I want is a well paid term time only job 9.30-2.30 with time off for all the kids' school stuff, plus no questions asked extra days off when the kids are sick, oh and unlimited daytime internet access for that all important blogging and a cleaner, cook, dog walker and laundry maid. Surely that's not too much to ask?

Either that or I'll get round to opening an etsy shop, become a millionaire and take early retirement. Sorry, nodded off there for a minute and had a lovely dream!!!

In preparation for early retirement I played with an apple in an attempt to formulate an idea for teacher's presents. I may try to combine this and this for an apple for the teacher type theme - it's a thought at the moment so don't hold me to it!!

I've just got back from 'helping' at Monster's school disco where the girl's tried to look cool and pretend they knew all the steps and the boys ran round like caffeinated headless chickens. Nice to know they are getting their gender roles established so early - as they will find out, nothing changes ;)

Tomorrow I plan to make a dozen table mats for a present. Maybe.

I need a list.

Here goes:
Before Monday:
Get everything together for Friday's craft stall, including camping tables out of loft (!).
Get small change from bank for the above.
Sew buttons onto seven reading pillows.
Buy cheapo Tesco value pillows (£1.50!!! - possibly made by nimble fingered Chinese sweat shop workers who evidently only need to earn 10p a week, for making 12,000 pillows, according to the price of the finished article).
Get a conscience.still working on it
Make cushion pads for reading pillows out of Tesco value pillows.
Make twelve table mats.
Make three needle felted somethings decided not to do these.
Put together food hamper for Dad's Christmas present.
Wrap family Christmas presents to be taken up to Birmingham on Monday.

Before Christmas:
Write a gazillion Christmas cards - 'cos I have, like, soooooooo many friends man.
Make 3 children's aprons.
Make a dozen mince pies x 152!!!!
Make 2 fabric scarves.
Make 1 plaited scarf.
Make a sock creature.
Make another 12 table mats - twice.
Maybe make 3 soft toys - maybe not.
Make spare plain cushion cover for one of reading pillows to avoid strangulation risk to 21 month old nephew.
Possibly make a poppy-appliqued cushion - possibly not.
Sew up and stuff a knitted Monkee that has been finished for an embarrassing number of weeks.
Finish crocheting Sausage Monster's blanket.
Label roasted onion indigestion inducing chutney to be given away as gifts (!)
Open an etsy shop - plastering it all over my blog at every opportunity to coerce folk into making frivolent purchases and afford me the luxury of millionaire status and an early retirement.
Buy DH a present of some description.
Buy my children some Christmas presents.
Make another 12 dozen mince pies.
Make teachers' presents - 4 coasters, 2 Dammit Dolls, 2 corsages.
Make bag and purse order.
Make my niece's birthday present - sock creature and messenger bag.
Add other items to list as they pop into my befuddled mind.

Oh good, I feel so much better now I've done that - mmmmmm!

Edited to say: just reread this and would like to reassure you that I do not in fact have some sort of advertising deal with several well known retailers.
1. I was trying to be helpful for those of you who either do not live in the UK, eschew all things of a commercial nature or haven't a clue what I'm whittering on about!
2. I don't get out much. When I do it is evidently a cause for a bit of shameless name-dropping.
(don't even get me started on Hypervalue or the 99p shop!!!!! ( to think that just a few short, well paid, months ago I was an M&S girl) (oh dear, done it again!!).


Monkee Maker said...

I hate lists. Not yours .... yours is fab .... if possibly a tad long for those deadlines you've set yourself.

I hate lists. Which is why I forgot most of the stuff that I was meant to be buying at the supermarket today.

I remembered chocolate and wine. OBVIOUSLY.

Lesley said...

Chocolate and wine are staples.

Next comes bread and milk.

Leigh said...

Yes, after reading your post, you should have time for a job, NOT!!! Besides, I would miss your daily posts!

Get a conscience. - Is there something we should know about?

I have the same ETSY dream. Unfortunately, so far reality has only let me make ETSY purchases no ETSY money!

Fran said...

I'm exhausted just READING your lists and you are going to do them in HOW LONG??? Yeah, and I'm the Queen of Sheba!!!!LOL lots! Get stuck into the wine and chocs and stop giving yourself a nervous breakdown!

marit said...

Hehe...When you find that job,you know the well-paid, few-hours,little-to-do job, please tell me about it, as I would like one myself...
And pardon me for asking- what is mince pie??? It looks good- but what's in it? And when do you eat it?

Jo said...

So that's tomorrows to do list, then you can sit around eating the mince pies till Christmas! I love a list but sometimes the amount to be done makes think ah well too much to do I'll read blogs for a while cos I'd never have got it all done anyway!
Cute little shoes
French Knots

Patti said...

Well - that's a fine list. I'm getting into lists now. Once upon a time I had a brain and time to do things, at that point I had no need of lists. Now I have children, husband, work, knitting.... and the making of lists prevents me waking in the night shouting about buying coriander! (It did happen)

Love the Primarni and Matalano comments. And I well remember such discos.

Gina said...

You finished everything on that list yet? What's the matter with you... why not???
Those socks are going to make a luvvly sock creature... promise to share it?
Gina xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Bleurgh - too early in the morning to leave you a witty comment! Bleurgh.

Kae said...

Hmmm I've got a list very similar to yours... and get dizzy every time I look at it lol. I've given up on even trying to be organized; it's just not gonna happen... in this life.

Another one who likes those exclusive designer shops you mentioned :D

It's the school's Christmas Fair this Saturday... no disco before the holidays this time PHEW! Nevertheless, I got drafted in to help out as per usual (how come most of the other staff get out of this??? Lol). I'll need loads of coffee to keep me going cos I will be enjoying a bit of nostalgia in form of a Status Quo concert the night before :D


P.S. If you find THAT job, please let me know... lol.