Friday, December 7, 2007

Exciting pictures of boxes

I had the best start to the day. After dropping naughty people off at school I whizzed up to Tesco to return some crubbish children's clothes that don't stupid fit - right length but too tight or waaay too loose. ('Scuse me but just where are these odd shaped children that clothes are designed for? Seems boys are meant to be incredibly porky and girls incredibly twig like.)

Any road up - got to stupid Tesco and checked in bag for receipt.

Whizzed back home to get receipt.

Whizzed back to Tesco.

Returned clothes in upstairs clothes dept after waiting 5 minutes in downstairs customer services queue before noticing the (v small) notice telling me to take returned clothes upstairs.

Went back downstairs and got a few bits we needed.

Got back to car.

Realised I'd forgotten a major item off the list.

Found trolley.

Went back into stupid overcrowded shop.

Bought six cheapo sweat-laboured pillows.

Home via bank.

It did improve, fortunately. I started to get my 'shop' together for tonight's school fair. Soooo looking forward to it (!) - if it doesn't chuck it down with rain (which will stop everyone going to the fair) we will be outside in the nice dark playground. A little case of a rock and a hard place.

Ho hum(bug). Minx is so very excited about helping to run Mummy's shop and has told everyone at school about a thousand times, so I would have had a hard time backing out!!

Look here's a box:

Please don't zoom in and start shouting at me about my prices. I know that most folk will, quite reasonably, not be taking wads of cash tonight so have priced these little bits accordingly. If I don't sell anything I won't cover the £10 it's costing me to keep my daughter happy!

Here are two more boxes:

I've undertaken a little 'presentation' job on the table mats I made yesterday. If I do say so myself I think they look rather darn gorgeous and wish I had some!!

I've also gathered together the supplies for Dad's hamper. All I need now is to find a more attractive receptacle in which to present the goodies.

If you don't like small furry critters - look away now!

DH presented me with one of the gerbils whilst I was busy faffing around undertaking research on the internet last night.

This rather pretty young man is Mr Nibbles - the gerbil belonging to the Minx. As you can see the Moog was ready to catch him if he made a run for it!!!!

I now have to go and whizz madly round the house doing a very quick and superficial tidy before fetching the naughty ones back from school and giving them a sound beating ;)


julie said...

Hope your day is better now the shopping trip is out of the way - they should declare supermarket shopping a form of torture, I absolutely hate it! Good luck for this evening - i hope the christmas fair goes really well for you and even if it doesn't you're still a hero for doing it and keeping the minx happy!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Really good luck for tonight. Let's pray for rain so you get moved inside! lucy x

Elora said...

Sounds alot like my afternoon - as i walked round town knowing there was loads on my well organised list that was on my table at home. Good luck with the fair really love the placemats.

Patti said...

good luck for tonight.

Just loathe despise and abominate supermarkets.


Gina said...

Hope you have a really good evening Lesley... your things look lovely all packaged up. Sounds like you hate stupid Tesco as much as me! (Which reminds me... nothing for dinner tonight... ah well, pizza again!)

the vicious chicken said...

Best of good luck for the fair tonight. Your stock looks great - hope you turn a tidy profit and have fun too :o)

PS really like your top/dress thingy in the gerbil pic. Very pretty fabric!

trashalou said...

hope your fair went well and you sold lots and loads. Plus - beating children?! Yay!

Leigh said...

Sorry you had a stupid day, I hope tonight is much better. Wishing much success!

Just because you do not have enough to do, I have tagged you in my seven.

Monkee Maker said...

Well, OBVIOUSLY I had to click on the picture, as you'd told us not to - and once again Mrs MM (hang on .... isn't that me??) you seem to have underpriced yourself. When oh when will you ever learn?

Anyway, I hope you both had a smashing time at the fair and your stall was a sell-out .... well, it was bound to be at those prices!

We hate Tesco's don't we? And lists.

And oh yes .... loving those blue tights. (.... and really really hoping they were blue tights and not just massively chilly legs ....)

Have a happy weekend :)

ps. Wine may or may not have influenced this comment ;)

katelnorth said...

Ooh, gerbils. We are shortly to acquire gerbils here :)

They recently rebuilt our Tesco for about the 8th time in the 15 years I've lived in the area, and I just HATE it. It's huge, badly laid out, badly lit and always packed to the gills. Even the voucher I have for a free piece of Stilton doesn't entice me in...

Jo said...

I agree with you about Tesco children's clothes, to fit my daughter in the leg and waist is a challenge too far for them!
Hope the stall went well, school fairs are so unpredictable.
French Knots

Suzie Sews said...

I hope it all went well, lots of activity going on...cute critter