Friday, December 21, 2007


We were somewhat rudely awakened in the wee small hours by a very hot and unhappy little man shouting 'I feel sick' and then he was! Sausage has succumbed to the lurg that has hit school in the past few weeks. Fortunately he hasn't been any more sick but has been very hot and poorly all day.

He's now full of drugs and taking it easy in an effort to be well enough to go up to Mother-in-law's tomorrow.

Due to lack of sleep and an even greater lack of willpower I have barely done anything today towards going away for nine days!! Mind you, the pressies are wrapped and the clothes are all washed. Just a matter of packing.

To make Monster feel a little better I thought a new friend might be in order. Someone has been waiting, disassembled, in my knitting bag for quite a few weeks now.

Any guesses?


Can you tell what it is yet?

Getting clearer?

It took me quite some time to get to this stage I can tell you. I suffered constant interruptions from Ruby Monkee, Stir Crazy Much Better Thank You Minx, the Idiot Moog and of course Monster who had (stupidly) been provided with a stick with which to communicate his needs by banging on the bedroom floor.

On a normal day I rarely go upstairs once I'm down. Today I went up 97 times - at least!

I looked like this first thing this morning. By lunchtime this was me! (I wish!!)

Anyhoo - Ruby soon cottoned on once we got to this critical stage:

'Ooh, ooh, a big butch Monkee boyfriend just for me!!'

It then got even trickier as with every bit of 'ironic stitching' the Monkee hugs became more frequent. She's a Monkee possessed. Couldn't keep her hands off him!

Due to being temporarily housebound we were unable to go shopping for suitable dried pulses with which to weigh down his generous Monkee butt and limbs.

Improvisation, as always, was the order of the day.

I had to raid Minx's bead bucket for dried pea sized beads.

Once 'full of beans' it was onwards and upwards with the ape assembly.

The first person to get a proper hug once our new friend was built was of course the poorly boy himself:

Swiftly followed by this little madam!!

We deliberated over names. Apparently it had to start with an 'R' because of Ruby. Why of course!
Robbie - nah, reminder of irritating kid in Monster's Year 1 class.
Rudy - nah, too much like Ruby. We'd only get confused.
Rodney - are you kidding!
Then Minx saved the day. Everyone agreed.
Disclaimer: In the unlikely event that members of a certain Mr Rooney's family happen to read this blog the Monkee's name was thought up by a very cute 6 year old girl and seconded by a very cute and poorly 8 year old boy. So sue me!!
Something then transpired at Moog Towers. It seems Monkee Mania has well and truly broken out. Minx of course now wants her very own Monkee made of knit. We looked through my three bags and one large box of wool. Nah, nothing appealed.
So of course, the very second Mr Moog walked in we were through the door and down to the wool shop faster than you can say 'Four balls of your finest acrylic Monkee yarn please Mrs Wool Lady'.

Minx fancies fluffy turquoise. I have a feeling it may end up looking like this!!
I have decided that of course we need another and have gone for the jazzy rainbow effect!
Thanks to MM and her t'riffic downsizing calculation tips I will be making Minx a Ruby sized primate :) Edited to say: Who am I kidding?!!! I spent all of three minutes with the calculator, got very confused, got very cross with it and have now told Minx she'll have an enormous fluffsome Rooney-sized Monkee whether she likes it or not - so there! If ever you decide to publish a pattern MM I'll be beating my way to the front of the queue!!!

We also purchased some supplies for Monster's crochet blanket.
Ooh, ooh before I forget - I TOTALLY FINISHED MINX'S BLANKET LAST NIGHT ends all sewn in and wrapped ready for Christmas!!!

Minx insisted we bake some of these:
She also made me a flower out of a large chocolate coin wrapper to 'Cheer me up' - ie' to stop me being such a grumpy old bat!!!

Nice manicure I have there!
So folks, I shall take my leave. We are off to the in-laws' tomorrow and will be away for 9 days. I don't know what the broadband situation is there so may not be able to blog. Then again I dare say one or two of you may not either!!!
I would just like to say:
and thank you all so much for making me so welcome in Blogland.
Wishing you all the happiest of times and I look forward to being back and playing again very soon.
Lesley xxxxxxxxxx
p.s. as this is post number 96 get ready for a bit of a giveaway when I return :)


trashalou said...

Oh poor boy! Glad a little simian sympathy was able to assist his recovery (not convinced stick such a good idea from a carer's P.O.V.).

Looking forward to meeting Sully as ironically knitted and sewn monkey. As for the variegated wool - I have half an elephant knitted in that!

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy being a guest - no responsibilities!

the vicious chicken said...

Hooray for new monkeys - Rooney is fab and I'm sure the turquoise fella will be splendid too :o)

Good luck with that pattern-altering though. I'm about halfway through trying to do it myself, and it's really not as easy as MM makes it look... or maybe I'm just stupid. Who knows? ;o)

Anyway, best festive wishes to all of the family of Moog, and especial get-well-soon vibes to the poorly Sausage Monster. Hope you have a fun time while you're away!

French Knots said...

Ruby is surely saying 'phoar what a big boy!'
Hope all your poorly ones gat better soon and you all have a Merry Christmas.x

Monkee Maker said...

Nine days? NINE DAYS??? Must you really have NINE DAYS away?? What will we do without you?!

Just before I get onto the monkey stuff, I hope Sausage will be feeling better soon .... I'm sure that Rooney will help :)

I so enjoyed today's post (obviously I enjoy them all, but, you know, this one was special)

Rooney looks absolutely fab and I'm not surprised that Ruby fell for his charms. I can't say too much at this stage (as it's a christmas gift) BUT I'VE JUST KNITTED A STUNT MONKEE IN THE EXACT SAME COLOURS!! (It's ok, my Father-in-law doesn't read your blog. Or mine)

Anyhoo. Have a great Christmas and please hurry back ..... I'm looking forward to that giveaway ;)

Julie said...

What a great post again Lesley! I hope the Sausage Monster soon recovers, his new friend Rooney should be just the ticket! (Ooh, that makes me sound old) I am in total awe again from all you achieved today, btw. Minx's new turquoise friend will be amazing and I will be very jealous, I love turquoise!
I must have missed the fact that you were going away. Have a safe journey and have a wonderful holiday. I'll be keeping an eye out for your return.
Have a very Merry Christmas!! :))

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hello there MrsMoogsMum - what a lot you have got done today! You clearly managed to work out the mouth-making without muddle! Rooney is fab! (I was just opening a Christmas card from our very good friends of the self-same surname as I was reading your post which was quite funny! I won't tell them if you don't)I don't know what we'll do without you for 9 WHOLE DAYS! It will be soooooooooo quiet! - not sure when I will be blogging either though. Hope the monster is feeling better and raring to go tomorrow. Lucy xxxx

cmoon said...

Oh Lesley you do make me smile:D
You are a Wonder Woman and a wonderful mum.Hope you all have a great Christmas, but do hurry back to blogland, we will miss you.
Peace and Blessings*

trashalou said...

Just half an elephant simply b/c pattern was too tricky for the other half. I had to reverse the stitches so where I had knitted I had to purl and vicey-verserey - not too complicated you would think but oh! Too, too difficult so he languishes at the bottom of the toy and animal knitting bag waiting for me to get clever.

Festive greetings for y'all.

Bethany Hissong said...

Merry Christmas Lesley and the to the rest of your family!!! Thanks for making this a really fun year by sharing all of your stories with us!!! Your monkey is way cool... you're so good at that! Enjoy your trip!

Leanne said...

Rooney looks great and what a good name(lets hope Robbie's mum isn't a blogger Hee Hee). I to am making a monkee made of knit had a disaster last night and broke a needle. I made all of Lucas's mates who were here ring there mother to see if they had 3mm needle of course they didn't what a waste of an evening.

Leanne said...

Back again my husband who is English has just read your post and he thinks your pretty safe with the Rooney suing thing as he is quite sure that Wayne never got passed reading Janet & John books.

dottycookie said...

Oh poor Sausage - you really haven't had a good week of it! Very unlucky to get the school bugs after the end of term :-(

But such a wonderful monkee - and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the turquoise fluff ...

Have a lovely Christmas - you deserve it!

Leigh said...

Oh Lesley, your poor baby. I hope he gets all better real soon!

I love Love Love Ruby's new studly man! You are just too crafty!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!Have yourself a very Happy New (blog) Year as well!!!

weirdbunny said...

Rooney is rather needed in our house, as I have a poorly Gwenny on the sofa. think it was all the chocolate from our party today !

Gina said...

Rooney is lovely! Looking forward to seeing his turquoise friend!
Have a wonderful Christmas Lesley.
Gina xxx

Kae said...

More monkeys made of knit :D Hooray!!! Rooney is fab!! Of course the Minx needs a monkey of her own now :) I managed to alter the pattern somehow, I kinda made it up as I went along and the result is a deffo smaller monkey. If I can do it, everybody can lol.

Have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New (Blog) Year :)