Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lists - tick

After concentrating on making things for my craft stalls for the past few weeks I feel that I have fallen behind with the Christmas presents I'm making. This morning my brain was full of porridge and I was telling myself I could get on and make a cushion cover for my littlest nephew. I soon realised that I had better find a more structured way of approaching this little lot.
In the interests of preserving my sanity I needed to make a list or two or three.

Here goes....

Cut out:
1 cushion cover with Dachsund appliqué
12 table mats for M-I-L
8 table mats for S I-L
J’s apron
E’s apron
P’ apron
4 coasters
2 dammit dolls
1 shopping bag
1 scarf

I spent a very happy morning emptying fabric all over the carpet and crawling around doing lots and lots of cutting out. Then I ironed it all! How can it be that I actually quite like ironing when it involves sewing but when it's just laundry I feel as if I'd rather stick pins in my eyes?

Stitch Dachsund applique
Stitch initials on aprons
Transfer children's drawings onto coaster fabric
embroider coasters

As I have mentioned previously I love these coasters made by Ali and wanted to make some for the children's teacher's and teaching assistants.

The ones above are Sausage Monster's lovely simple graphic designs that just say enough.

The ones below are Minx's. She has yet to learn the 'less is more' principle. I doubt that she ever will. This child is like a magpie. The busier and more sparkly something is the better.
Therefore these babies took considerably more time to 'prepare' than her brother's!!

The artwork is all theirs. I used embroiderer's transfer (ie.carbon) paper to transfer their drawings. I then had the joy of stitching them. I really enjoyed it.
Or at least I enjoyed it until I got to the last and most busy one for Minx's teacher - then I couldn't wait to get it finished!!
You may be able to tell from her design that Minx actually quite likes her teacher :)

DH and I are going to watch Minx's school nativity play tomorrow morning and our baby is going to be Mary! It's her fourth nativity and her first one as the 'female lead'. She has two short lines to say but an awful lot of serious maternal acting to do.
Whilst chatting I said 'Well, you are very important as you have to hold the baby Jesus'.
'Mmmm' she said 'It's not the real one. It's only plastic.'
Once I've dried my eyes I will be home to get on with this little lot:
Sewing up:

12 tablemats
8 tablemats
3 aprons
1 shopping bag
2 dammit dolls
1 cushion
1 scarf
4 coasters

embroider dammit doll faces
fix dammit doll poems on to dolls
fix button on scarf
sew buttons onto 4 reading pillows
Make cushion pads for 4 reading pillows
Should keep me out of trouble.
Oops. Nearly forgot. I have to add a trip to the post office and another order for a child's cushion onto that lot.
At least I won't be bored :)

Did you have a lovely sky tonight?
We did.

In the nick of time I shall take my leave, for now I'm going here to attempt to buy a fluffsome primate which may find it's way into DH's Christmas stocking if I'm one of the fortunate ones!
edited to say: Doh! Even though I've been in training I was just not quick enough to secure HP24. Now I may have to give in and add 'Sew up that knitted Monkee for Heaven's sake' to my list!!!!!


Leigh said...

Your coasters are gorgeous! What a great idea.

Wishing your Minx a wonderful night.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very impressive lists MrsMoogsmum! I don't think I have really done anything of consequence today apart from buy my first pair of sexy boots ever and some clothes and rescue poorly daughter from school play. Although I have spent a happy half hour knitting some more of my Noro scarf - it shows I am BUSY sewing when I want to KNIT to relax! Locket xxx

Ali said...

If you are the mother of Mary, I don't expect you'll stoop to speak to me. The boys are a servant and a snowflake.

Coasters look fab-a-licious!

Julie said...

The coasters are wonderful. What a great momento for the teachers to keep, especially when they're covered in so much love from your daughter. Good luck to Minx tomorrow. I hope you're taking a big hanky! :)
According to my DH we had a fantastic sunset too but he didn't have his camera with him and I didn't notice! Doh!

Monkee Maker said...

You people put me to shame with your lists. I was wandering round Sainsburys today wishing that I was a list person. Sigh.

The children's coasters look like they're going to be brill, I'm sure the teachers will be chuffed.

One thing though .... please don't ever mention sticking needles in your eyes again - I have a fear, while knitting in the car, that just such an accident may occur with my knitting needles. Oh great! Now I won't be sleeping tonight!

ps. Thanks for visiting the shop, and sorry that the likes of Leigh (Hi Leigh!) have speedier fingers than you (and me) :)

Patti said...

I'm worn out just reading that list. Think I need to go and have a nice cup of tea and a lie down.

Love the coasters.

Gina said...

Impressive list and even more impressive crossing off. I daren't make a "to do before Christmas" list because I think it will make me hide in a dark cupboard until it's all over!
The coaster are wonderful - and I hope the teachers know they have to be treasured.
Hope the nativity play goes well for Minx and her plastic baby!
Gina xx

the vicious chicken said...

The title of your post made me laugh lots - just because many of my lists have started off with:

1) make list.

What?? It's nice to have something to cross off straight away...


ps I hope your little Mary makes you very proud this morning :o)

French Knots said...

Hope the nativity was suitably sniff inducing! My son was a train! I know, don't ask!
Hope you've ticked tons off the list.

Martha said...

I love your coaster idea. But I found it one day too late. They will be my end of school year gift.

How did you make the coaster after the embroidery?

Do you having any type of lining in them?