Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lurking around whilst pretending to nurse the Minx

See, I can't do sitting still relaxing.

It's not because I'm some superslim whirlwind of an efficient woman.

It's because I am my Mother's daughter and my Aunties' niece!!

As a family failing I suppose it could be worse.

There are times, however, when I miss 'the moment' and instead of snuggling up on the sofa with Minx/Sausage/Moog I'm finding reasons to be 'Full of Busy' as Patti so beautifully puts it.

Maybe I need to learn to chill..... and while I'm doing it I could do a bit of sewing/knitting/crochet/reading!!

Minx and I were very touched by all your good wishes yesterday.

I rarely take the children to the doctor's with coughs and colds because:
- I'll get told 'it's a cough/cold'
- I'm Mrs Tooscaredtowastebusypeople'stime
- I'm a neglectful parent

Ears are different. Minx had a series of ear infections as a baby and I don't like to risk it with ears.

So we went to the doctor's last night and Minxie is actually properly poorly. She has an ear infection in her right ear and is now on gorgeous radioactiveyellow antibiotic medicine. No drinking wine for her then!

She spent today at home and has missed out on the last day of term and parties and fun.

We did pop into school this morning with the teacher's present however - a Dammit Doll and the embroidered coaster. Her teacher rushed up from the classroom to thank us and was really excited to have a Dammit Doll of her very own as she was coveting the one we gave to Minx's Year 1 teacher. She was so excited about the doll that she hadn't noticed the coaster - much to Minx's disgust.

Her teacher also gave us Minx's Christmas cards from her classmates. This is our favourite:

Is it me or is puss not entirely happy with the whole 'Cat as Rudolph' thing?

We had to pop to the shops again. Here is today's 'baked' offering:

Apart from fixing some ripped seams on school trousers and crocheting another four stripes on Monster's blanket it has been a day devoid of craft.

I did squeeze in a bit of lurking ;)

How about these labels for this year's Christmas gifts? Too late for ours as we, in true superhuman fashion, wrapped everything last night! I've saved a copy for next year - if I remember in 12 months time!!

Mrs Locket has posted a whole lot of dolly goodness for us to drool over!

Then there's Julie who's been playing with her embellisher and making me very envious as all I want to do is play too!

I'm also going to have to go back to Gina's for another good look!

As I'm becoming a bit heavy on the exclamation marks I feel it may be time for me to MOVE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and maybe drink a little of this:

Cheers you lovely bloggers xxxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lots of lovely linking Lesley!

You are right - that cat looks suitably p****d off and humiliated!

Enjoy the school holidays!!! Now I'm actually pleased that mine don't break up until Friday! Tooooo much to do!

Locket xxx

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, that's spooky! I too saw those fantastic labels at Angry Chicken today and thought "Damn - too late!"

I hope that your little Minx gets well soon .... she needs to be able to hear Father Christmas landing on the roof soon!

cmoon said...

Hope your little Minx makes a speedy recovery now, in time for Christmas.Thanks for "how to" on fabric scarf I am going to give it a go in the new year.Enjoy your tipple! You certainly deserve a little bit of relaxing after all your hard work*

Patti said...


for once being behind things worked in my favour. I saw the labels, printed them off and will put them on my parcels later.

Poor, poor minx. Sore ears are not nice.

trashalou said...

Oh dear. Somebody somewhere is on that cat's deathwishlist. They should just be glad it still doesn't have an opposable thumb!

I bet that pretty little sticker made those cakey-bun tings taste even better, didn't it?Perhaps you could borrow the machine from the supermarket and stick one of the labels on PoorOldMinx and she will feel so much better straight away I'm sure.

P.S. Thanks for the tip-off,labels are being stashed now ready for next year.

Leigh said...

I feel like that cat but, I think I will have a glass of that stuff you are having and then I will feel better!

Bethany Hissong said...

I knew you were going to tell us it was an ear infection,...poor thing. I hope she feels better quickly! And I'll drink a glass of wine with you!! (I think I'm becoming an alcoholic as it's the only thing keeping me from wigging out this holiday!!)

Julie said...

Get well soom Minx! Keep taking the magic medicine!

A great post Lesley! I love the huffy cat and as for the doughnuts! How could you be so cruel?! LOL!

Thank you for linking to me and for the link to the labels. I've squirrelled it away (and will probably forget where I've put it next year!!!)