Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Never fear Cedric's here!!!!

It's all going to be ok!

Moments after completing my very distressing post earlier today the postman knocked the door. He looked a little taken aback that some barmy woman answered the door grinning like a loon with hand outstretched for the eagerly anticipated parcel held in his sweaty palm.

I knew that within that glorious jiffy-bag I would find a true Superhero to aid us all in our quest to rid the world of acts of Monkee humiliation.


Ladies and gentlemen (y'never know!!) may I proudly present the one......the only......Cedric Splatt!!!!!!!!

I think there may even be a bit of a Monkee crush going on already.

Cedric arrived safe and sound, if a little rattled, all the way from the very lovely and very talented Gina . In true Superhero fashion it did only take him a moment or two to compose himself after being rudely wrenched from his comfy repose in said jiffy-bag.

There is a little story behind this. I knew Cedric was imminent today. He is to be a Christmas present for Mr Monster. This very Monster chose today to have a 'sore throat'. Under normal circumstances it would be 'off to school boy and no, you cannot stay home unless you are actually unconscious!!!' He got me in a weak moment. What can I say?

Postman knocked. Monster clocked the parcel straightaway. Moogsmum made feeble excuses and smuggled parcel and camera upstairs.

I cannot say how excited I was about Cedric - who is even bigger and more butch in real life than in the photos I'd seen - but when I saw all the other fableous goodies Gina had enclosed I was beside myself with glee!!!!


Chocolate for me the children , lovely Fan My Flame postcards. That's not all.

A beautiful angel which is going away until Christmas for a certain little Minx:

This gorgeous machine embroidered pendant - pour moi. I am 'Mrs Green' so this is perfect for me!!!

and look look look at this cuteness:

Chocolate scoffed by Minx and Monster. Bone scoffed by Moog.
Poor postman. No wonder he keeps giving our post away to the people in the next street!!!
He bought this too:

Oh blimey! How did that get in there?
On the Monkee front I feel I owe Mrs Vicious Chicken an apology.
No indeed VC, you were not in fact condoning cruelty to Monkees. Merely drawing our attention to some devious goings on on the World Wide Web. Therefore, please be reassured that you will not be held in any way accountable for such actions.
You also quite rightly pointed out my own lack of care in allowing the MoogMonkee's to surf the net unsupervised. Hands up. I did it. I'm not proud but in my defence I was distracted by a small boy (who should have been at school as it turned out) bouncing off the walls with boredom.
With regards to Monkee Maker, the jury is still out. We may yet be swayed by the promise of muffins and coffee.
In case you are wondering:
1.Why two posts in one day?
ans: Well, how could I not post about Mr Cedric on the day of his arrival at Moog Towers?
2. Why so late then?
ans: Just got back from watching angelic six year old baby girl sing her little heart out in the Southampton School Music Association Infants Choir at Southampton Guild Hall. My eyes welled up big time when I remembered we were there just last year with Mum, not yet ill, watching the Monster squirm his way through the same Carol Concert.
She would have been so proud of her little girl tonight.


trashalou said...

I love those 'awwww' moments. So pleased she sang beautifully and made her mama happy/sad.

My girl went singing at Y.O.T.'s today with school. I turned up at 11:30, there was no sign of them and got told when I got to school this afternoon that they sang at 9:30! Pah!! Never mind.

How exciting that your house is filled with presents. Australians are such nice people to send such nice presents ;-)

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh Leslie, I loved hearing about your daughter's concert... your mom is probably listening from heaven!
And I love the newest family member!! Lots of great things you got today!
I had the same day yesterday as my daughter looked queesy in the morning but by the afternoon was fine and painting little St. Lucia dolls with me!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Mixed emotions for you yesterday then; happy with your fabulous new member of the family - yeah, sure, you SAY it's for the Monster ....

.... but sad reminiscing about last Christmas. I hope that the happy outweighed the sad and that you'll still have a great Christmas this year.


ps. "Monkee crush" .... isn't that what I did a few posts back with the aid of a vice and a garage door??

Patti said...

What a haul of goodies.

Glad the concert went well. This time of year is such a mix of emotions.

I'm at the Happy/Sad/anticipation/wishing it was all over..... stage.

Gina said...

I knew Cedric would come to the rescue of Monkees everywhere... and that Milky Stars cure all little boy ills!
Lovely end to the post Lesley.... treasure those special moments. Your Mum is always with you in your heart.
G xxx

PS Note to trashalou...Never been to Australia... Londoner through and through me... Cockney in fact!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Glad to see Cedric arrived safe and well and ready to fight for monkee liberation!

Seems like both our little girls' concerts went off well (although my little girl in question was actually my biggest little girl - if you get my drift!) Sorry that the happiness was tinged with sadness - it is always so much more difficult at this time of year - especially when it is the first Christmas.


dottycookie said...

Bittersweet concert memories for you - we have ours next week and the week after and I will undoubtedly shed a tear or two.

Love your presents - that angel especially! Gina's work is gorgeous, isn't it?

the vicious chicken said...

Bet you were proud of your baby girl too :o) The concert sounds lovely - I hope you enjoyed it, even though it made you feel a bit sad too.

Also, wotta lot of lovely stuff you got in the post there, Mrs. I'm sure the postman was actually quite pleased to be welcomed so eagerly, so never fear about seeming barmy!

PS A small bouncing boy does indeed sound very distracting, so I think you can be forgiven for the lack of monkee-chaperoning :o)