Thursday, December 6, 2007

One down, plenty more to go

I've started working on my 'Before Monday' list.

I emptied my fabric stash for the right bits. Did a fair bit of cutting out. Several hundred feet of stitching.

To make twelve place mats - here's the first one:

and here they all are in a finished heap ready to be tied together with ribbon, labelled with some washing instructions and wrapped to give to my brother and his wife for Christmas. Yet again the camera has not coped brilliantly with the colours - they are a lovely aubergine colour but seem to look more red here:

Minx helped me turn 11 of them through ready for topstitching and a very good little turner outer she is :)

We also had to make some of these, which are not on the list, for the cake stall at tomorrow's school fair. It seems I may be an oddity for making the cakes myself as one of the mums I chatted to today was quite amazed that I make my own rather than buying some Mr Kipling's.

I'm not hanging around tonight as I really want to sit down and crochet some more of Sausage Monster's blanket. Before I go I'd encourage you to pop over to Lucy's - she is my famous real imaginary friend whose beautiful blanket's have made the big time!!!!

I'm going to offer my services as her agent. There will not be a celebrity's child in the world who doesn't snuggle up under a Lucy Locket patchwork fleece blanket. I imagine I could organise a good line in celebrity knitted monkees if I speak to the right people.


dottycookie said...

Lovely placemats! I make cakes, or indeed biscuits for the fair too. Last year I went a bit mad (it was my first time!) and made little reindeer cupcakes with chocolate antlers - they were fab, and they sold well but they only ever charge 20p per cake so ... I am making far less labour intensive contributions this year!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Thanks for the promotional push there Mrs Agent! The crowds haven't come flooding in yet but I am waiting patiently!!! Impressed with your sewing and baking skills as always! Just managed to sew hair on two dolls and start stitchery while drinking wine at a friend's house for our "sewing night". Amazingly more than one of us was actually sewing this evening - normally wine, crisps and dips take higher priority! The Locket xxx

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

I love these! Great job!

Leigh said...

That fabric is fabulous!!!!

Your pic of the cupcakes has made me hungry, I am off to bake something!

Patti said...

I get it now - you make a list and then do the things yourself. I thought that if I made a list and left it out then the fairies would do it all for me. That's where I've been going wrong.

Love the placemats.. I hate turning out. Just don't have the patience for the fiddly bits.