Monday, December 3, 2007

Pretties, bangles and fresh mince pies

Every evening this week is taken up to some degree with school activities. Tonight is me being a grown up - attending my first meeting as a Parent Governor at the infants.

My head seems to be so full of school things to remember and I have checked the calendar at least 6 times today!!

Friday night is the St Nicholas Market at the infants and I've booked a stall. To this end I've been doing a little preparation today. My 'pretties' are now mounted onto card ready to be priced up.

I did get to make these lovelies yesterday. I made 12. DH loves mince pies. None left!
The beasties and I did about 90 of these.

The Minx lost herself in glitter for half an hour.
Which then took another hour to remove from her face, her hair, the carpet, clothes, chairs, walls, the dog - you get the picture?
Something awful happened this morning. My lovely friend phoned early to see if I would like to accompany her to the Scrapstore. Before I knew it my mouth had said 'Yes please!' all on it's own without consulting my brain.
For my £1 today I got:
A length of soft denim, ideal for a Minxie something or other:

and a few other pieces of fabric to add to the overflowing boxes in the 'conservatory':

I love this piece:

and this piece:

I also got these:

which with a little help from some PVA and lengths of torn fabric:

are the latest addition to my stock for Friday:

As I have to be out to pick the naughty beasties up from school in about 5 minutes I really cannot stick around today. Then it'll be homework, reading, dinner and out for meeting by 6.30pm.
Tomorrow evening is even more of a rush and the in-laws are coming down so I may have to squeeze a quick post in by lunchtime - being, as I am, addicted :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those bangles are sooperdooperfab! Well impressed! Love the pretties too and I see you are being brave and admitting to people that you are a blogger! Still wish I could have come to the Scrapstore with you - there's nothing like that up here and I would have spent an awful lot less than I did at IKEA, ILVA and Toys r us!



Gina said...

Lovely things for Friday - those bangles are clever. Why is blogging so addictive... I should be making dinner... pah! Let 'em wait!
Gina xx

Cathy said...

I love the bangles - bet they sell well. Good luck at your governor's meeting. I'm chair of ours and enjoy it on the whole. Basically I am really nosy and like to know what's going on before everyone else!
Cathy XX

Jo said...

What a great idea for bracelets!
Wish I had something like the Scrapstore round here as I'm short of fabric! Yeah, right - you should see the piles of it all round the spare room! When people come to stay at Christmas I will have to hide it under the bed....but then the bed will only be six inches from the ceiling!
Like the bluey paisley one.

Patti said...

Those pretties are well pretty. Love the bangles too. Good luck with the sales.

you can never have too much fabric - what if they stop making it tomorrow? It also helps keep the house warm (well, that's how I justify my wool)

Leigh said...

WOW, Great job as usual! You continue to amaze me! I hope you do well Friday. You really got some cool goodies at the Scrapstore! Lucky you!

weirdbunny said...

Oh those hairslides will go down a treat at the school fair ~ love Julia x

Monkee Maker said...

Do you think that next time you go to the Scrapstore you could organise a mini-bus? Ok, so it would be a long round-trip, but you could service mince pies to make the journey go more quickly.

Good luck at being a school Governor (rather you than I!) and at the craft fair. I'm sure your pretties and your pretty bangles will be a sell-out!

marit said...

I love the Minxs style-glittering fingertips is a must at these times of year:-)
Oh, how I'd love to have a scrapstore nearby! Great fabrics!
I bet you'll be running out of pretties and bangles pretty soon- they are so cute.
Have a great day:-)

Cowboys & Custard said...

No peace for the wicked Lesley..
You have been busy and I hope your efforts and creations will be suitably rewarded!
Save me one of those scrummy mince pies please!

Bethany Hissong said...

I peeked in last night but didn't have a minute to comment... your cards with the barrettes look great! And I love your cards!!! It inpsired me to think harder about my own. And those pies... I am going to gain 20 lbs. this Christmas just looking at all the goodies!

dottycookie said...

Can I come and live with you? Please? Mincepies and the Scrapstore sound like heaven.