Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spoilt rotten!!

Something really rather lovely was sitting in our letter box today!

I've been expecting this as Lucy had told me it was on it's way. Exercising enormous self control I waited until I'd got the camera ready before tearing it open.

Oooooh, what's all this?

Why, it's a whole big beautiful heap of lovely loveliness - look:

I have seriously coveted Lucy's beautiful handmade wallets for some time and am so excited that I have got one!!! I love this fabric. My tatty old wallet is ditched and this baby is now in my bag and ready to shop :)

This beautiful Belle and Boo picture that I had admired when Locket ordered one. This is going to be framed for me:)

Beautiful Christmas decorations:

A bag of patchwork fabrics - can't wait to get stuck into these!

A gorgeous mixed fibre and beaded brooch in stunning colours:

One of these for Moogs family from the Lockets:

This was my favourite Monkee card when Monkee Maker first posted them on her blog.
Just look at this absolutely adorable bag for Minxie:

It has the most beautiful stitchery on the front although I don't seem to have photographed it too well - doh!
I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Lucy. You have totally spoiled me and I am very very excited about all of those lovely goodies. I don't want to do any housework now (no surprises there then!) - I'd rather sit and gaze at my pressies :)
The postman also bought a card from my very funny and lovely friend Maggie. I thought you all might appreciate it too!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

glad you liked your goodies - and don't forget, there's more to come in the new year (although I haven't yet specified exactly which year that will be!!!)

Locket xx

Monkee Maker said...

Oh wow! Goodies galore! You could have stretched that lovely lot over three posts, there are so many LLP beauties there :)

I think I need to have words with my postman .....

ps. The Minx's jumper is cute too .... from your own fair hands?

Bethany Hissong said...

You ARE spoiled!!! What a wonderful bunch of things!!! I am SO jealous right now :)
I love that last card too... I know someone who fits that bill..ha!

Gina said...

Gosh... lots and lots of lovely goodies! The card made me laugh - especially as I put up some Mistletoe today - ha!
Gina x

Patti said...

What a wonderful parcel. Santa himself could not have bettered it.

Looks like it's gone to a good home.

trashalou said...

*SIGH* I think postman parcels are my best and favourite thing.

Russians running word ver. today then - 'So Ze Parcel Good, Da?

Leigh said...

You lucky lady!! What wonderful goodies!! Thanks for sharing!!