Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thawed out

Thanks for all your good luck wishes for my stall last night. It was a funny old night! Lots of people came to the event. Many of them were there to see Father Christmas and once they'd seen him they went home.

As the 'street market' was held outside it was a bit dark, although my stall was in a reasonably well lit spot, and it was veeeery cold. At first I was fine. Well wrapped up. After two hours, however, frostbite/hypothermia started to set in!!

Quite a few lovely people had a look at my stuff and made positive comments. I sold a few little bits which amounted to £7. With the £10 for the stall and the £3.45 I spent on the stall run by my friend who manages this very worthwhile project I was not heading for a profit.

Luckily for me, our lovely headteacher had perused my stall beforehand and had promised to come back.

Here's the stall all set up. Could have looked better but it was ok. Note the handy camping lantern to illuminate some of the littler bits and pieces. Several people borrowed it during the course of the evening!

The headteacher bought the two bags on the right of this picture - the blue flowery one (which I loved too) and the brown one in front of it.
None of the dollies went, although the green one has now been promised to Minx for Christmas and someone else I know has her eye on the pink one. The dammit dolls will be teacher's presents and I have asked DH to wrap this bag for me for Christmas!!

A few of the hair clips and a couple of corsages went but no bangles or coffee cup cosies.

What I did find particularly interesting, as a very nosey person someone who loves people watching, was noticing how as soon as some people saw something 'different' and handmade they steered a path in the very opposite direction. This was not me being oversensitive as my friend who does the lovely ceramic jewellery (whose night was also saved by the headteacher!) had the same thing happen.

Now I know what you are all dying to know is - how did my eager little shop assistant do?

Didn't see her for most of the night.

Running round like a loon with friends.

Popped by every now and then to ask for food/drink.

Had a beautiful snowflake painted on her pretty little cheek:

Sang with the choir - which I could not see from my stall.

Came back once to help when I was talking to a friend.

She said to this poor woman 'My Mummy made all this. Are you going to buy something? What would you like to buy?'

We had a word about sales technique.

She decided to go and run round a bit more.

Then she went home with Daddy for an hour to warm up!!! Ten stupid pounds to keep her happy. I really am a mug. However, I did enjoy myself and I am extremely glad I didn't chicken out as it is always nice to feel a part of something (even if my parts had no feeling left!!).

I also came away with an order for a little girl's purse and bag. I then bumped into my friend Kayla outside Co-op today (we meet in the nicest places!!) and she has ordered another Dammit Doll to go into the 'Secret Santa' at work.

Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa - my own little craft empire is growing - oh, someone slap me please!!

Today it has been pouring with stupid rain. We've baked two dozen a few mince pies. The tired and grumpy children have written most of their Christmas cards. I've sewn buttons onto three reading pillows to take up to Dad's on Monday.

I also had a little play with yarn to try out the plaited scarf idea. It pretty much eats yarn. I used lots of different textures and, despite what the camera would have you believe, it is in shades of blues, purples and deep pinks with some black.

I tied it to the conservatory door as there were no reliable plait holders available at the time!!

Although it's not very chunky it is plenty warm enough. This one is for me :)

Little Minx seems to have developed a streaming cold since yesterday and is snuggled on the sofa watching the High School Musical 2 DVD that DH stupidly kindly hired for her. All the little girls round here are obsessed with it and we have managed to avoid it so far.

It's not a patch on this though .

Keep dry, keep warm and keep taking the tablets ;)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hey missus that flowery bag is well cool! I'm not surprised Mrs Headmistress bought it! Typical though that you did the stall so Minxie could play shop and then she disappeared - that's sproglets for you!!! Off to put on my glad rags for tonight and then to next door neighbour's to get my hair straightened - too much of a muppet to do things like that for myself! Do you think they'll give me a glass of wine for dutch courage before I go?????? Locket xxxx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Lesley
I could have badly done with your little helper today to inject a bit of enthusiasm into the craft fair punters that streamed passed my stall with no expression or remark whatsoever! Why do we do it?
I know just what you mean about attitude to handmade items!!! Me bitter... NO never!
Hope your little Minxie is feeling better ...

Jo said...

Who thought of making you stand outside in December!?!
I have my last craft fair tomorrow and know what you mean about people noticing the are handmade and heading in the other direction as quickly as they can. I've found parties to be much better in terms of people's interest and sales.
And John Travolta.....sigh....mmmm! I still have my fan club magazines from all those years ago and often remind Mr FK that I have loved John T for longer than him!
French Knots x

Leigh said...

I love your scarf!!! Maybe, you should sell them online (HINT HINT HINT).

Sorry you froze! But, you have made a start and who know where it will take you.

I love the JT tushie shot on the video of the day!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Boy, did those punters ever miss out! If only they'd come close enough to those dreaded "handmade goods" to see the prices you were selling them for .... have you ever thought of touting your wares in Brizzle?? (as it were ;)

I hope you'll be having a well deserved day off tomorrow.

ps. the scarf looks fab! Very M&S!

Gina said...

Lovely blue flowery bag... Think the Minx's sales technique is to be commended! Think the snowflake on her cheek looks very pretty.
Great video.. boy can that man move!!!

Vanessa at Michael House said...

I have found your blog via some circuitous route, probably involving Little Cotton Rabbits. I love your style and wit, and crossed out bits, they make me laugh. Have also done craft stalls, did a craft event here at home a week ago, lots of fun, but never much money in it once costs taken into account. But, I know I will do it again next year! I plan to start a craft blog soon, card and felt making are my thing at present. My current blog is more of a marketing tool for our veggie guest house. I shall keep returning to your blog, thanks for making me smile. Vanessa