Sunday, December 30, 2007

The three 'R's

I thought I'd better introduce you to the latest addition to the Moog family. As I had promised Minx a monkee of her very own she did not let up until her turquoise buddy was stitched and stuffed!

So here is the vivid fluffsome ape known as Rocky, along with his pals Ruby and Rooney:

I cannot tell you how much I admire Monkee Maker for making so many fluffy monkees. I vow to only ever make one! Nightmare to knit. Nightmare to sew up. The sewing could not have been more ironic MM!!! In fact, there is still a hole to be fixed that is haunting me!

The mouth, for some reason, flummoxed me this time around. The result? A permanently bemused expression on poor Rocky's face:

I totally chickened out of taking photos of monkees having Christmas fun as DH's family think I'm weird as it is. They also think I'm an alcoholic 'cos I enjoy the odd glass. Oh, and S-I-L considers me strange for not hitting the Next sale at 7am on 27th December to spend money I don't actually have. Weird it is then :)

Not so weird that I can't appreciate some girlie loveliness for Christmas. These are just some of my favourite bits that I found in my bulging stockings when He'd been.

I totally enjoyed my own bed last night. Especially during those bits of the night when I was awake! Soooo comfy and snuggly. My own pillow - heaven!
I even had a bit of energy to start to attack lovely things like washing and unpacking - but not for long ;)

The littlies and I have been getting fit playing tennis and baseball on the brilliant present bought for them by their very generous Grandma and Grandpa. I've never been into computer games, except for Lemmings and Bubbles but I may be a convert. In fact, I'm wondering how I can fit blogging, crafting and Wii'ing (!!!!) into my day and still feed the family. May have to drop the feeding bit ;)

After eventually tearing myself away from trying to beat the kids on the Wii I did something incredibly strong minded. I cleaned and oiled both my sewing machines!! According to the instructions this should be done once a month if the machine is used for a few hours each week - oops!

I'm very impressed with the result. Not only does my newer machine now do straight and even stitches but it has also lost it's loud thumping sound that I had assumed was built in to annoy husbands into building their wives a sewing room! I'll have to try a different tack then. Maybe I should be less fastidious about making sure I've picked up all the pins.....

How did you get your craft/sewing space? Did you have to offer special favours or did you do it by annoying your other half so much that he eventually felt the need to shut you away in a padded cell all your very own? Any tips would be gratefully received!

I am now going to sit down with a notebook and try to work out some ideas for the 100th giveaway. So far my mind is a blank but I'm working on it!!!


Gina said...

Rocky is absolutely gorgeous! You sure you don't want to make another one???!
Sounds like you've had a great Christmas - hooray for being weird - my "out laws" think I'm weird too... which of course just makes me act even more strangely!
Good to have you back. Missed you!
Gina x

Bethany Hissong said...

I think Rocky turned out terrific too! And it sounds like your holiday was really good! We just got back last evening and I can totally relate to the joy of sleeping in your own bed!!! Just a word of caution: if you play Wii tennis too much, you can get tennis elbow! (speaking from experience!!!).

Julie said...

I love Rocky too, turquoise is my favourite colour (along with orange, gold, red, yellow......) Ooooh! Dirty Dancing! Now that is a great film - makes me forget I'm the wrong side of 50 - or even 55 now - and think I'm fit enough to dance like that! Thank goodness for dreams.

Monkee Maker said...

Rocky looks fabulous!! And I'm so impressed that you knocked him up so quickly! (as it were) I don't mind knitting the furry ones but sewing them up? Hate hate HATE it!!

With regard to my sewing room .... I promised that all my wool, needles, threads, material and other crafting crubbish would magically disappear from the lounge and dining room. In other words .... I lied ....

(.... a bit like that time I promised to obey ....)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well impressed with Rocky - one minty-cool-monkee missus!

Love the concept of the built in thumping sound to annoy husbands into allowing you a sewing room - don't think it necessarily works though!

As for weird - well yeah, you are, but thank goodness for that!

I watched the news reports of people going mad in the sales with all those handbags and felt sick at the sight so I am obviously very weird too!

As for including wii-ing into your multi-tasking, I'm sure it can be done as long as you get your priorities right: feeding the family is definitely at the very bottom!

Lucy xxx

the vicious chicken said...

Rocky's lovely - but I'm with you (and MM) on the sewing-up of fluffy knitting - argh!! I'm very much in awe of your speediness though: that's truly some fast monkey-creating. Just hope you didn't succumb to RSI from knitting as it will probably exacerbate early-onset tennis elbow from the wii :o)

dottycookie said...

Oiling the machine?! Blimey. Never knew you could do that; it probably explains a lot ;-)

Whatever you do, don't buy Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. It is a seductively pretty time sink. Uh-oh, time to go - the stars are calling me!

Leigh said...

Rocky is too adorable, great job!

Yummy book gifts! I too play the WII, I am so adicted to billards! Good Luck with it!

Leanne said...

Rocky is very cute - I am waiting for a child to leave the nest so that I can have a sewing room all to my self.