Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tick, tick, tick

Minx's nativity was lovely this morning and she made a very good and very smiley Mary. For some reason she was made to wear a green hairband round her head (?) and ended up with a Bjorn Borg hairdo!

The nativity is held in the church opposite the school and it is always a lovely event. To me, it really signifies the start of the Christmas festivities. I am so pleased that the school still do a nativity and have not got caught up in this politically correct nonsense that prevents so many UK schools from celebrating this Christian festival.

What is perhaps the best thing of all is seeing the faces of the parents and grandparents as they leave the church. Everyone shares in the joy of seeing those earnest, innocent little people acting out the Christmas story unencumbered by silly 'grown-up' opinions or prejudices. Beautiful.

Once I was back it was straight into the sewing. It has made such a difference having everything cut out and ready to go. As a result I've managed to tick a few more jobs off the lists.
I've also had to add a couple of things on!

Stitch Dachsund applique
Stitch initials on aprons
Transfer children's drawings onto coaster fabric
embroider coasters

cut out fairy cushion
paint fairy on cushion front

Sewing up:
12 tablemats - fronts done, need to stitch fronts to backs & topstitch
8 tablemats
3 aprons
1 shopping bag
2 dammit dolls
1 cushion
1 scarf
4 coasters
fairy cushion

embroider dammit doll faces
fix dammit doll poems on to dolls

fix button on scarf
sew buttons onto 4 reading pillows
Make cushion pads for 4 reading pillows and fairy pillow
Monster's crochet blanket
Sew ends in on Minx's crochet blanket

Coasters finished:

Shopping bag for Mother-in-Law finished:

Cushion cover for little nephew's present finished:

Front panels of twelve tablemats for Mother-in-Law finished:

2 Dammit Dolls for teachers' presents finished:

As Moogsdad is out, with his Five-a-side footie mates, for a Christmas curry tonight, I'll be able to do a bit more sewing without worrying about the noise of the sewing machine disturbing his televisual relaxation. Once the little darlings are in bed I'll get on with finishing the table mats.

It's amazing how one good day of sewing can make everything seem, somehow, more achievable. At this rate I may even get time next week to really go for it with the crochet on Monster's blanket :)

I've hardly looked at the computer today or lurked around in blogland. If I'm awake early tomorrow I'll have to catch up - I still need my fix after all ;)

DH must have realised how addicted I am. He told me he needs to find out if his Dad has managed to get his broadband connection sorted out yet because if he has I'll still be able to blog while we are staying with the in-laws over Christmas!!!! Love that man :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ooooh you are a clever girlie! That dachsund applique is even more gorgeous than I imagined from your description! It goes so perfectly on that background fabric - you could even learn to love that little dog!!! I am very impressed with your creativity - I've had a little spurt this evening but am feeling a bit manky so will be sitting down soon with the hand-sewing bits of my orders. Wish there was something decent on tonight for our televisual relaxation but it all looks rather crubbish! Talk to you tomorrow. Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, you have been busy! Do you see just how much can be achieved when you just step away from the computer?? .... it's dull though, innit ....

I'm glad that you enjoyed the school nativity .... you and Lucy put me to shame - first she's nurtures her poorly children instead of sending them into school regardless, and now you enjoy the nativity? I'm bad. Very very bad :(

Gina said...

Reading your blog just gets more and more exhausting... you're doing so much. Puts me to shame as I'm not making nearly as many Christmas presents as usual. Do have a couple of sock creatures on the go for family members but that's about it.
The nativity sounded lovely. I'm with you on that one. Don't need any PC nonsense! It's one of the many things I miss now the boys are all older. Though I still have fond memories (and a photo!) of Jacob as one of the Kings, pulling his gown up over his head and showing his pants and bare belly to the audience!
Gina xx

marit said...

You've been busy! The cushion cover is adorable- love the tail and ear!
I had planned to do some Christmassy stuff this week, but got the last Harry Potter-book on Dec. 1st, realized I had never gotten around to read #6, so I started at #1 and read right through them, all seven... only surfacing every now and then to feed the sheep (the kids had to look after themselves-LOL) Now it's back to Christmasstuff...
Take care!

katelnorth said...

I watched a nativity play too (DS is in Reception), which was lovely (better than the one for the older kids - I think mainly because the littles are always just adorable, even (especially?) when they forget what they are supposed to do). At our school, the tend to do a combination play - one which has lots of stuff about different christmas traditions in parts of the world, ending with the nativity, done by the nursery (bless). But then my DD2's assembly last term was on Divali, so they do cover other ground, which is also nice...

Patti said...

How do you fit it all in? My day only has 24 hours, and when I take out sleeping time, work, eating and wine, there's not a lot of time left for knitting, to say nothing of looking after children and doing housework.

you put me to shame.

Lovin' your work. Those coasters are wonderful

Leigh said...

I have figured out how you do it all!! You have to be two people!!

I love the bag you made for you MIL. It is fabulous!!!