Wednesday, January 2, 2008

100 already? Do I get a telegram from Her Majesty?

Well who would have thought it? I'm sure I only started blogging yesterday but apparently this is my 100th Post !!!!!!!

As is traditional there is to be a giveaway but I'm going to ramble on a bit more before we get to that ;-)

First of all thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post. I appreciate every single one of them and still intend to reply to all of you.

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. Our plans changed at the last minute and we went round to our friends' for a fab, slightly (!) tiddly night. I may have had one glass too many as I couldn't actually get out of bed yesterday (apart from several emergency dashes to the 'big white telephone to talk to Huey!!!!' - if you know what I mean....).

At my age.


It did get me off to a good start with my year of 'discovery' however. I discovered that I still can't take a drinking binge now any better than I could ten or twenty years ago. I also discovered that when your tummy feels slightly delicate you don't want to be downstairs when your hubby starts making bacon sandwiches!!!

Today I have discovered my house again as we decided to put the decorations away. It's amazing how minimal everything can look once the tinsel is down!!

Is that enough waffle for you?

I could go on - surprisingly ;-)


We could just cut the crubbish and get back to the job in hand. As I've done no sewing whilst the children have been off I have not yet put together my Giveaway Goodies.

However, whatever I do put together will include this little lady:
This is Rosy, sister of Rosy and she is looking for a loving new home. She's used to being with children, dogs, gerbils and monkees made of knit. If you fit into any of those categories make sure you leave a comment. She also likes chaos, cuddles, ice cream and shopping. If you can oblige in any of those areas then enter the draw. She does talk quite a bit. In fact out of all the Rosies I've made she is by far the chattiest. Her favourite subject is fairies. Her least favourite subject is boys.

If you fancy winning Rosy and some accompanying, as yet undecided and unmade, goodies then leave your comment on this post before Sunday 6th January, 12noon (GMT).

I will do a totally impartial and random draw after that time. If you've never been out of the closet before and left a comment then here's your chance :)

Now that my stomach has recovered I shall raise a glass this evening to my 100th blog.

Cheers and lots of love,

Lesley xxxx


cmoon said...

Yippee!! I'm the first to comment.
Does this mean I am in with a good chance of winning the giveaway?? well as good a chance as anyone else I suppose tee hee.
Glad you are feeling well enough to be back blogging.*

Elora said...

Happy Hundred blogs!! Im finally back to the internet after a christmas of evil flu and exhausting travel so its a pleasure to catch up on what you have been up to. Think i fit into the chaos, cuddles, ice cream and shopping catagory as you seem to have listed my favorite things - so please count me in.

Lina said...

Hmm yes, how is Huey by the way?! Happy 100th post - I'm still a long way off!

Gina said...

Having won your last give away I'm not sure I should be eligble for this one but thought I'd leave a comment anyway!
I love the fact that you are disgraceful at your age... wait til you get to my age dear and you'll find it takes even fewer glasses of vino. How inconsiderate of Mr Moog to be frying bacon when you were feeling poorly. Pleased to feel you're feeling able to raise a glass again... Happy 100th! Now I've got to tackle that tinsel...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well Rosy here would love to have her sister come to stay too so include me!!! And you couldn't get better chaos than in this household and the little boy here is rather gorgeous and not really boy-like at all! Happy 100! Glad to hear Huey has cancelled telephonic communication for the time being! Lucy xxx

Patti said...

The only thing good about feeling that bad is the wonderful feeling of being well the next day (hope that makes sense)

Congrats on getting to 100 - you old blabbermouth you.

Please put me in for the giveaway. I never win these things. Could it be 'cos I insult the giver?

French Knots said...

I too was struck with a stange illness on New Years Day - nothing to do with the fact that the friends we were staying with plied us with drinks till 2am I'm sure!! Which was great (not) when my youngest got up at 6am...argh! Wine, champagne, ginerale and apple schnapps cocktail plus a bit of whisky are, oddly enough, not good for you!
Happy Hundreth! x

Kitty said...

Congratulations on a ton of posts! Would a hamster be ok, instead of a gerbil? Oh and I have no monkee made of knit, but I have downloaded a pattern to knit same (however my Lazy Slut Disorder kicks in every time I think about starting it). Chaos, cuddles and ice cream are all here!

Take care :-) x

Stephanie Pettengell said...

That's brilliant, 100 posts and I have only just started. Well done and never mind the morning after, it is the night before that is the important bit. If you enjoyed that it was all worth it.

Monkee Maker said...

100 posts - hurrah!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog (and commenting on it ;) keep up the good work!

Knowing your fabulous sense of humour I'm amazed that the reference to "Huey" wasn't accompanied by a link to a song ....

Well, if that wasn't enough crawling, I just don't know more I can do to win this prize.

Apart from this ....

From one MM to another ....


trashalou said...

Dear Missus MoogsMum,

as part of one's job/birthright one takes great joy and pleasure in sending (virtual) telegrams to all the emergent centernarians in one's realm.

On this special (- for you *yawn* one has done so many of these)occasion I send you royal greetings and felicitations on 100 posts.

May the coming 2008 turns out to be your Annus Spectacularus.


One does not wish to seem in any way like one is claiming right and precedence but as your monarch and head of state I feel that special account should be taken of one's post for the draw that has been mentioned.

I shall be send a messenger corgi around with my gold-plated calling card to enter into the hat. ERII

Vanessa said...

Just popped over from French Knots. You sound my kind of woman we sound like we had exactly the same new years eve/new years day.
Please put my name in that random generator.

C U soon

Giabella Designs said...

Congrats! I have a little girl who would love that doll!

the vicious chicken said...

Oooh, sounds like a tricky day yesterday, then... glad you've perked up again now, though :o)

Many congrats on your 100th post!! Here at chez chicken, I'm afraid we have no children, dogs, or gerbils - but we do have quite a few knitted monkeys ;o) So, can I enter your draw, please?

Here's to the next 100 :o)

Julie said...

Congratulations on your 100th post Lesley! I've only joined your journey fairly recently but it's a great ride! What kind of friends are they, plying you with alcohol?!!! tsk tsk tsk! Wasn't your fault at all! And as for bacon butties!...... I don't fall into the category of children, dogs, knit monkeys etc but I do a good line in cuddles, ice cream, shopping and I'm an expert in chaos! Do sock creatures count???

judyann said...

Congrats on your 100th! I'm making a special effort to de-lurk as a long standing fan of your blog. Looking forward to your next 100 posts of discovery!!


Fannie said...

Hi, I found you through Stephanie's blog. Just want to say Congratulations on your 100th post! That is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated. Continued success.

Lesley said...

Your congrats from her madge are probably still in the postal system with a second class postage stamp on. (do they still exist? I left there in 1969 and haven't kept up to date with all the changes). I don't qualify on all requirements but can safely say if I win Rosy I will indulge her whim of cuddles and conversation. Congratulations on your 100th post and thanks for the enthralling titbits, cheers for the next 100. Lesley

Bethany Hissong said...

Congratulations!!! Though I thought you'd be a lot further along than 100 by now ;) (I mean that lovingly!). I guess I write too much while you're working away, being productive! Glad you're feeling better but I am laughing because I had a similiar realization about the drinking over the holidays too! I spent my afternoon in bed, recovering from too much celebrating :)

Leanne said...

Congrats on the 100. I'm sure Rosy would fit in well here - No small children but children who say I'm childish - 2 dogs - no gerbil not sure you can get them in Oz - monkey made of knit 1 green in colour named Mel - chaos we have lots of that - cuddles we have lots of those to - icecream what else do you eat when it is 41C - shopping yes as long as it is not grocery shopping.

Leigh said...

Rosy is really a cutie!

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!!!

Kaz said...

Helloo, I found you via Monkee Maker and have been a lurker, but I love the chance of a freebie (don't we all?). I can do ice cream cuddles and shopping all without leaving the house so I'm sure Rosie would be very comfortable.

I also have some monkeys made of knit, even if I keep having to part with them - I'll do one for me soon, but in the meantime I could have the company of a chatterbox!!

Suzie Sews said...

yippee for the furst's to the next 100!!!
Suzie Sews

dottycookie said...

Oooh, congratulations! Rosy is very beautiful - anyone would be lucky to have her.

Glad to hear you had a good New Year. I had a night like that in November - never again. I'm sure the wine must be stronger now than when I was a student ;-)

Kylie said...

Oh she is the cutest - I think that I (well my little girl) would love her to come and live with us! I think that she would fit in around here (that is if the knitted monkey can be replaced with a knitted rabbit?

Oh and I stubled along your blog through Lucy Lockets!