Friday, January 11, 2008

Feel good Friday

Is it Friday already?

I've had a lovely week - due in no small part to all you lovely real imaginary people out there :) It has also felt a little mad at times as Lucy and I jumped into our Crafty Challenge idea with both feet by opting to start another blog!!

As if that and 'normal' blogging plus tending poorly children and doing all the usual domestic engineering things isn't enough Lucy has launched a fab Valentine Swap - head over there to sign up if you fancy joining in :)

Rather than glueing myself to the computer again this morning I ran away for a while. After stocking up at the farm shop it was over to Hobbycraft for some supplies for an order I'm making.

There seems to be a dearth of decent fabric shops in the Southampton area (email me if you know different!) and as I'm Mrs Impatient I didn't do the sensible thing and shop online. Therefore I spent, what I felt, was too much for some plain pink cotton. Still, it's pretty and will go with the pinks and purples theme requested.

In order to waste more time in order to avoid housework gather more inspiration I popped over to Borders in town. I wasn't very impressed with their craft magazine selection so accidentally wandered upstairs and, somehow, came out of the store clutching a carrier bag containing these.

I must have blacked out there for a minute ;-)

What a shame. Please note - this was not as extravagant as it seemed. Rather than using grocery money I finished off my Christmas money on these - honest guv!

As I got home the postman arrived with some of our post - amazingly, as he usually delivers it to the house in the next street that happens to have the same number as ours!!

A-ha - been waiting for these:

New needles for my embellisher as it ate the last lot. Is it me or doesn't it look much for £20? It'll be gently gently with these babies. If I break any more I'll have to sell a kidney!!

Then there was another something addressed to me. Something unexpected. I like this sort of unexpected :) A very special package from the lovely Julie.

These are Angelina fibres and I commented on a post on Julie's blog about them. I've never used them but my aunt was telling me just last week that Father Christmas had bought her a lovely book about these fibres.

Thank you so much Julie!!! This was lovely to come home to and I can't wait to try them.

Aren't the colours beautiful?

As the morning has been so full of goodies I thought I'd get in an early post today. I've made a management decision and have booked myself a weekend off blogging. I have a creeping feeling I may have spent rather too much time on the computer this week and my family have had to talk to the back of my head more than any of us would like!

I also have to get some housework done (so that I can ignore it again next week) and a mountain of ironing. Before you tell me off I have taken on board many of your tips from my previous laundry winges and iron a fraction of what I used to. Unfortunately I now just leave it four times longer before I give in and actually do it!!

I shall find a little time to play with my new baby - as yet still un-named, and also try out my new embellisher needles and of course I shall be getting between the sheets with Angelina (the fibres!!! not Mrs Pitt!).

I have a feeling my little folk will want to play too. They have already had a play on 'Baby'. More coasters to add to the growing collection - Minx of course did the pink one :)

I hope you all have a happy, relaxing and crafty weekend and thank you for making this such a great week.

Lesley xxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely post Lesley! That pink fabric really is rather nice - good colour and all! And I have both of those books! I love the Crafter's Companion - I haven't made anything from it but love reading about the whys, wheres and hows of all the different people in it. Have a great weekend! Locket xxxx

Kitty said...

A girl can never have too much plain pink, imho. Those books are positively mouth-watering - I look forward to seeing the results of your trying out the patterns.

Congratulations on your new joint venture - my Google Reader is being a pain and not accepting the feed at the moment, but I shall persevere!

Take care :-) x

Kaz said...

Ah well you're allowed to have bought those books as it clearly says 'half price' which in Kaz-speak means 'buy me'.

Lovely bits n bobs there and even more coasters! Minx is rather good isn't she?

Have a fun weekend

Kaz x

p.s have joined in the swap!

Gina said...

I've got the Crafters Companion too - it's great for dipping into. Have a lovely weekend off - think I might have to do the same to make amends! Especially as I haven't done that ironing yet!
Gina xx

Monkee Maker said...

Good luck with the weekend off .... we'll know if you have a crafty peek, you know!

Thanks so much for my package .... can you believe I haven't opened it yet? The light here is so pants - in fact it's snowing :( that I can't possibly open it until there's a good photo op moment!

I did open the card though, which is beautiful. The artisticness (is that even a word?) that your mum passed onto you, it looks like you've passed on to the Minx.


the vicious chicken said...

Glad you're feeling good today Lesley! Although I really don't know about this 'weekend off blogging' scheme of yours...

Oh go on then, if you must. So long as you remember to come back again next week :o)

French Knots said...

I have both those books too, great to dip into for inspiration.And if you can still buy the groceries as well as books I can't see a problem! Beans on toast for tea?!

trashalou said...

Did your boy do that bue one or is it another of your pieces? Either way the work is triffic.

Tell Minxie pink is my favourite.

cmoon said...

Thank you for your comments. i am so touched by your continuing support. A fresh start for me, conincides with blog item from domesticali!!. Good luck with your new blog venture.

Julie said...

The Minx obviously takes after her very clever Mummy! Her coaster is lovely! Glad you liked the Angelina! Have fun! Enjoy your weekend off from blogging - sounds like a good idea to me! xx

Leanne said...

Have a great weekend Lesley - Love the books we pay twice as much for books as you guys ..... good old Australian taxes.

Leigh said...

I love your new pic! How cute!! Yummy pink, love it too! Your Angelina fibers are beautful. I read Crafter's Companion and really enjoyed it!

Jodie said...

Hi Lesley, Great post!!! It's nice to hear someone had a great week. You have crafty goodness just oozing at your place, new machine,new books, new supplies....See next week will be great too.

dottycookie said...

Ooh. you lucky girl - beautiful goodies. The fibres are quite stunning.

And think of the coasters you can make with your embellisher ;-)

I shall be off to look at your new blog in half a mo ...

Bethany Hissong said...

I should be taking off too, but I promised to daily post...what was I thinking?!! And of course that means checking in with you...which I'm glad I did! Lots of great stuff! And your little Minx did some awesome work on the coaster!!! I would have guessed that you did it! She has the sewing gene, for sure!

Angel Jem said...

I like the coasters!
Go play with your fibres & have a good weekend!

Leigh said...

Lesley, Because I truly believe you are an amazing person and blogger I have given you an amazing blogger award. Just pop over to my site to view it!