Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday is list day...

Well, we got there - even though it was touch and go at times Lucy and I have managed to complete this weeks Loo-sley Crafting challenge to make a messenger bag each. I finished mine when I got home last night after a big citywide school governors' meeting.

I had wanted to go home and do nothing. However, DH informed me that a very excitable woman had phoned up to say she'd finished her bag ALREADY!!!

Of course, I couldn't let that pass could I?

Minx spotted my bag first thing this morning and said something along these lines:

' I like the new bag you made Mummy! Who is it for? But you're always making yourself bags. You never make me anything!'

Ahem, I calmly explained (as calmly as one can when this is how you are woken at 6.30am!!) that I do, in fact, make her lots of things like an owl, a monkee made of knit, a sock monkey, a Rosy doll, lots of get the picture?

Kids are so great aren't they?

I've just been over to Lucy's blog and she has posted a very daunting 'to do' list.

Maybe I should do the same.

Then again, I'm actually feeling as if I may be coming down with Minx's lurg so here's my list........with pictures:

Sit here:

Do some more of this:

Watch this:

Minx has her class assembly this afternoon and I told her I wasn't feeling too good.

'That's ok Mummy. You can bring a sick bowl with you, my teacher won't mind!'

That child slays me every time :)


Kitty said...

I guess you could do yourself a little funky decoupage sick bowl thing? Combine the ickiness and craftiness? :-p

Seriously, I hope you're not coming down with it - take care of yourself (((Lesley))). x

Juliann in WA said...

I love that you put sitting in the chair and knitting on your to-do list. Well done!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your to-do list looks much nicer than mine but I guess I'd rather have lots of things to do than feel as manky as I think you are beginning to feel! Hope you are okay, and whatever you do








your loving and sympathetic friend, Lucy Locket xxx

Ally said...




Go to your daughter's assembly with a sick bowl. It would make my day to see the teacher's faces. Horror at the Mum who thought she couldn't miss her daughter's assembly! Know what I mean.

I am just about to fight with a parrot who is missing his human parents and will want to bite my hand off rather than go back in his cage. Yesterday it took me from 9am to 2.30pm to get him up and on his daytime perch.

Hope you haven't got the yocking lurgy and are now wrapped up in your blanket with your DVD.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Trust me, I'm a medical proffesional, it sounds like Noro Virus...and the Official Advice is to stay at home and not spread it about.....YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING STAYING AT HOME....However, I too would love to see the faces of EVERYONE if you turned up complete with sick bowl!!! You would NEVER EVER live it down though! Fran

French Knots said...

Hope you are not too pukey!
I love that film, well Alan Rickman in that film really....when he says ' give me ocupation or I shall run mad' mmmm I could keep him occupied for a while!!

Ally (aka BIG sis) said...

Definitely not a good idea spreading germs around. I apologise for my un-professional medical advice! But that is what imaginary sister's are for - being provocative.

Take care,

your new big sis (whether you wanted one or not) LOL

Ally x

the vicious chicken said...

Oh, poor you, Lesley - I do hope that you manage to avoid the nasty bug... and if that's not possible, then here's hoping that you feel much better very soon, at least.

PS You make a very good to-do list - remind me to let you write mine in future :o)

PPS Stripey blankie looking fab.

Suzie Sews said...

I would rather have your list than Lucys. Kids say the best things...bless!!!

Bethany Hissong said...

I will wish away your sickness... though by now it might be too late! Hope it was just the Friday blahs. Congrats on finishing your bag. I think you two should reward yourself after something like a month of Loo-sley crafting by doing a spa together or something!And it cracks me up that your kids are just like mine: "What have you made for me lately?!!" Yours are so much luckier though because I am soooo slow!!

trashalou said...

Ooo! Maybe you are contracting a case of the less rare but still quite debilitating 'sea-level malaria'.

I think your list is perhaps the best way to have spent the day.

Gina said...

I really, really hope you're not going down with the lurgy but the thought of you turning up at school with a sick bowl just cracked me up!
Hope you're okay.
Gina x

Leanne said...

Take Care Lesley I think that chair and blanket look just the cure for a iffy tummy.

Jodie said...

The teacher wouldn't mind one bit, just make sure to take the nice-going-out-in-public sick bowl though won't you.

Julie said...

Oh dear Lesley! I do hope you haven't got it! Sounds like your Minx is a very practical kind of gal! :)) If you have got the lurgy rest up well (that's when you're not dashing to the loo - or maybe you could move the armchair in there till it subsides a bit), keep warm, drink plenty and let everyone spoil you. My DH is good at spoiling lessons (that's lessons in spoiling not spoiling-lessons.) Take care xx

dottycookie said...

Ack, hope it was a false alarm. Otherwise I hope you're feeling better now and in no need of a sick bowl!

The sooner the norovirus finishes its rounds, the better!

Leigh said...

Now this is a TO DO list, that I really like. I hope you are not sick! I agree with above posts, do not get sick on that blanket!!

artisbliss said...

I love the look of your cozy chair and think your idea of a good way to spend time looks great! I've given you an award. Please go to my blog to see it. I certainly hope you've given the tummy illness a miss.

cmoon said...

Hope you have had a good rest over the weekend and are feeling better.
Well done with your challenge, I don't know how you manage to fit everything in to your day.

CG said...

What a beautiful blanket!!