Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting my fix!!

My darling husband opted to work from home today.

He has a big important manly technical report to write and with constant interruption at work it wasn't going well. Therefore he plugged his laptop into MY computer ALL DAY and what with that and then me having a school governors' sub-committee to attend this evening I have only just sat myself down for my 'fix' of blog goodness!!!

I have not sewn a stitch today, despite having plans, as my beloved not only nicked MY computer he also nicked MY 'doing space'.

I ran away to Tesco's (yup, I was that desperate!!) and accidentally bought these in their DVD sale - whoops!!

I could have got on and done lots of housework to impress Moogsdad with my housewifely prowess. Of course, I didn't!!

I sat down with 42nd Street and Monster's crochet blanket which is now FINISHED - woooo hooooo!!!

Having finished this I now want to make a smaller one for the living room in more delicate neutral shades and one for my Aunty who loved Monster's one and possibly, eventually one to fit our king-size bed - possibly.....maybe......

DH promises to go to work tomorrow so I should get something done. However, whilst I've been out this evening he has filled the 'conservatory' (laughing as I even write that word!!!!) with stuff out of the loft (as the roofer has some work to do in there) and it will take all my best moutaineering and potholing skills to even find any of my fabric!!!

I seem to remember writing at the start of the month that this was going to be my year of 'discovery'.

Today I discovered that I want to be left alone to play thank you very much and that suffering major stress at work is no excuse for DH to interrupt my crafty plans.

Some people are, like, sooooooo selfish ;-)


French Knots said...

How mean to invade your space!! Gone with the Wind, Little Women goodness you are going to need a big box of tissues!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yahoo on finishing the Monster's blanket! Good work missus! My inbox has definitely missed you during your enforced break from the internet so I am relieved to hear that normal service will hopefully resume tomorrow! I hope you have a back-up strategy in case Moogsdad decides to try and stay at home again, I'm sure if all your bloggy friends pooled their cunning resources we could come up with a way of getting him off YOUR COMPUTER!

Sleep well!

Lucy x

weirdbunny said...

Well you were never going to get anything done after bringing 6 dvd's home were you !

trashalou said...

May I suggest threatening him with an outbreak of 'hilltop malaria'? That will soon shift him!

(okay I will lay off with the 'H.M.' gags from now on -honest.)

May I also suggest we gather at Moogsmum's house for a 'video' marathon, complete with corn chips, lemonade & popcorn? I've never actually seen 42nd Street.

trashalou said...

dear Mizz Moogsmum, please let us be very clear I was not suggesting the symptom of 'H.M.' (which was decidedly unpleasant and should not be experienced by any), rather the actual real rare pathogen of 'H.M.'.

Just so we are clear I am not wishing real harm on your Mr. Moogsmum

Monkee Maker said...

Cuh! The cheek of the man! Just say the word, MM, and a bunch of us can come round with pointy needles and poke him .... :P

The blanket looks smashing .... not too sure about your DVD choices though .... we're not going to be subjected to old clips, ala the youtube debacle, now are we??

Hope you have a better hubby free, child free, farty dog free day tomorrow.


Leigh said...

I am so sorry about that selfish man, how dare he???

Your Blanket turned out gorgeous!!!

Was 42nd Street good? I have never seen it!

By the way, cut it out with my Mum! She wants to adopt you!!

Jodie said...

I'll pop over for a video fest but be warned - I do tend to sing along to all musicals.

Leanne said...

Well done on the blanket - I hope moogsdad realizes the sacrifices we make when at the last minute they change their plans.

the vicious chicken said...

Woo hoo, another completed blanket! Big 'well done' to you :o) A king-size one sounds like a pretty daunting challenge to me... but I'm sure you'd manage to whip one up in no time being the speedy crafter you are!

Here's hoping that Moogsdad doesn't WFH today - then the computer can be returned to its rightful owner!

Kitty said...

Firstly well done on the blanket completion - it's fabtastic.

Secondly - how very dare Moogsdad use YOUR computer! I think a 'fine' of some sort is in order - possibly something along the lines of taking the kids out for a few hours at the weekend so you can do dedicated crafting. :-p

Hope you manage to get stuff done today - personally, I'm stuffing a monkey's bottom :-D x

Kae said...

How very annoying, Moogsdad taking over YOUR computer AND YOUR space!!! Not on!!! Hope you have a 'Moogsdad free' day today :D (for you to play, I mean, not him disappearing altogether of course lol).

Well done finishing the blanket!! It's gorgeous!!! :D


Gina said...

Dear gorgeously lovely (ha!) moogsmum,
Poor you having your space invaded! I know exactly what you mean. My dear eldest son is not at work at the moment and has decided to clean out his room today(I don't do it!)Now he's not actually in my space but he's around and it's so distracting. Hope Moogsdad has gone back to work!

Gina xxx

PS Fab blanket by the way

Patti said...

Ooh. Lovely DVDs. Men Pah. you get those hankies out. Don't want you wiping your tears on your work.

Julie said...

Yay!!! Well done for finishing Monster's blanket! Looks like one high old movie time coming up chez Moogsmum anytime soon (but not before you get your space back!):)