Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm not blogging today.....

I really really wasn't planning on blogging today.

I've had a plodding sort of day craftwise and the children have been a bl**dy nightmare interestingly challenging and the inspiration to blog had flown away.

I did a bit more on my cushion orders today:

You may be wondering why I'm here then.

Then again you might not!!

I got back from taking the naughty children to their swimming class, bathed and put them to bed and settled down with my hand sewing.

I was starting to stuff my rabbit (as you do) for this week's challenge with Mrs Locket when I noticed a nice big black mark in the middle of what will be the rabbit's face.

Oh pants!!!

The rabbit's body is now washed and drying on the radiator. I'll have to leave the stuffing for tomorrow.

'Oh well', thought I 'I'll get on and do some more of my West Highland cow Terrier fabric painting'.

Before I proceed may I humbly offer up a word of advice - don't shake either printer cartridges or paint pots when they are not securely lidded.

A while back our printer cartridge wasn't working. Brains here decided to give it a good shake to get the ink through. Lovely colourful splodges of ink flew everywhere - up the walls, up the (untreated and very porous) pine shelf unit, all over the dining room carpet.

Amazingly I did find something to remove the ink from the carpet but the walls and pine drawers still bear the scars!!

As I settled down to paint tonight I did a similarly stupid thing with my paints as you can see:

Oh pants!!!

Maybe if I wipe it with a damp cloth?

Bl**dy great - now it's roadkill!!!!

It's so gratifying that something that was bugging me anyway and proving to be a big mental block is now trashed and I have to start the whole stupid thing again.

Big grey saggy pants!!!

Don't 'spose you have any crafting disasters to share that might cheer me up? I'd just like to know I'm not the only total muppet out here.....................

I can finish on a very very extremely totally and utterly brilliantly breathlessly exciting note though!!!!!!!!!!

Really really.

Moogsdad has done something so fantabulous that I can barely breath when I so much as think about it.

I don't get the whole celebrity thing and really don't idolise famous folk.

However, I am prepared to make certain exceptions.

One of these is the marvellously gorgeously marvellous Dawn French who I love with all my heart in a platonic sort of an idolising sort of a way.

Moogsdad knows my feelings for this perfect specimen of womanhood.

He's fine with it.

In fact he's more than fine 'cos he's bought tickets to this for my birthday present!!!!!

I'll be breathing her air!!! Albeit only a bit of it as we are somewhere near the back.

I am, as they do say, beside myself :)

(I don't want you to think I don't like Dawn's comedy partner, the very lovely and talented Jennifer Saunders, as I do - very much. It's just that Dawn French strikes a chord with me - maybe it's because she can fit four Cadbury's Cream Eggs in her mouth at once that does it - or maybe it's that she gave Hugh Grant the snogging of his life live on Comic Relief just because she could!!)

That is why murdering a stupid fabric painting can't really ruin my day :) :) :) :)


trashalou said...

Oh Yay! fabulous birthday giftie Mr. Moogsmum.

Although, a bugger about the roadkill westie.

word verif. qkbgoo Is tis the sound you made watchingthe paint fly through the air?

artisbliss said...

I'm with you on Dawn French. She's a hoot.

Sorry about your mishap(s). Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on.

Stine said...

Who-Ray for you!! She has got to be one of the funniest people around. I know you will have a Fab time breathing her air!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Big grey saggy pants with inconvenient holes!!!

What an absolute b*****!

I really liked your Westie although I know you had mouth-issues, but you didn't need to kill him so dramatically! Roadkill indeed!

At least, as you say, it gives you the chance to get it even better next time.........

And hooray for Moogsdad getting the tickets, see he is useful!

Locket xx

Gina said...

Not blogging... yeah right!

Shame about the road kill but going to see Dawn French... nothing else matters eh? We saw her in a play in the West End many years ago and she was brilliant. What a lovely Moogsdad!

Gina xxx

PS Good luck with Westie II

Suzie Sews said...

I am so sorry but I am laughing at the road kill...yer when it goes 'pants' it goes 'pants' As for disasters...well I made an owl from my own design and it looked like a penquin...Here's to a better day...

Leigh said...

Well since Susie Sews said it so will I, I am laughing so hard at your roadkill! I love it, I think you should finish him and start a new challange by that name.

Yahoo for hubby on getting you the fab gift!!

Crafty disasters, almost everything I make!!

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe you ruined your Westie! I thought it looked great and should have said so in the last post!! Oh well. I do have to say that I laughed out loud at the road kill picture!! And I'm excited for you but have no idea who Dawn French is! I'll have to look that up. What a great husband you have! Now, when's the birthday??!!! ;))

Monkee Maker said...

What a terrible tragedy for the poor Westie .... may he rest in peace. (Loved your attempt to wipe the paint off :D )

The cushions are looking good though. I'd advise locking them in the airing cupboard temporarily as they say things come in threes, so that's the computer cartridge, the paint, and the ..... ?

Excellent news about the show .... can he get us tickets too??


Anonymous said...

lol...oh dear my last mouthful of icy lemonade just landed all over the keyboard
PS you now have me looking at word verificaions !!

Angela said...

What a fabulous birthday present,how nice of Moogsdad.As for road kill well, I have an all white dog and he usually looks like that when he has done something he shouldn't of.Which is most days.You could paint a jar of jam next to him.
I hope the rabbit has recovered.

Rubyred said...

Oh Dear,we all have craft disasters sometimes .I can often be found sweariing with my stitch unpicker as I undo a seam where I shoud've left a gap for turning.Fab news about the Dawn French tickets!

Kitty said...

Oh dear - sorry about the Westie :-( That is indeed pants.

I once made a large fabric collage of cats - it was a birthday gift for someone, and the finishing touch were some black ribbon strips amongst the collage. I was working on it at the dining room table whilst No.2 (who was then about 2) painted in the kitchen with his teletubby paints. I went up to the loo - came back down and :-O :-O :-O He had painted all my black ribbon strips with Dipsy-green paint. I will never forget how angry I felt that day. He didn't do it out of malice of course - was just 'helping' but I almost fainted with the horror of it.

I also just this week made a sock monkey I didn't like. Yesterday I perform radical surgery on same - took some pointy embroidery scissors to it and cut out its innards to use on another far nicer monkey.

Crafting ... Pah! Sometimes it sucks.

Take care. x

Patti said...

Hey there. Really enjoyed not reading your non blog.

Poor old westie.

melissa said...

Your cushions are so pretty. Sorry about the little paint disaster. Yes, those moments make us appreciate when things do go right, I suppose.

French Knots said...

Perhaps you could rub a bit more red paint over the Westie and say we are looking at it through rose tinted glasses!?
Great news about Dawn French, I think she is fab and I bet she's even better in the flesh!

dottycookie said...

Oooooh! I love Dawn French - you lucky thing!

Poor little westie though.

Crafty disasters? Can there be anyone out there who hasn't had loads (and loads)? I started in school photography lessons when I was too trendy to wear a lab coat in the developing room and ruined not one but three shirts with the chemicals. What a twit.

the vicious chicken said...

Now look here, Lesley: I know you were disappointed that your Highland Cow ended up looking more like a dog, but that's no good reason to throw paint all over it... or turn it into roadkill! ;o)

Seriously though, sorry about the unhappy mishap :o(

PS. Hooray for F&S... but I'm seething with envy again, now. Hmph.

Julie said...

Must have missed this yesterday! Fantastic trip to the theatre! I'm with you for Dawn French, she's amazing and I could ( in fact have)watch "Dibley" over and over again. Your roadkill had me guffawing (with you not at you). Glad to see you've had another go. Accident prone? Moi? Well, yes, now you're asking!