Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new view

I was greeted at 8.15 this morning by two burly boys come to put up scaffolding around Moogshouse. They worked like stink in cold, windy and, later, wet weather and by lunchtime had gone.

Yup, we thought midwinter was the perfect time for a new roof!! (Probably drier than the stupid summer anyway!!!!)

My view from the kitchen window onto Moogsgarden is now framed slightly differently.

As you can see today is not a photographer's dream!

To brighten things up I bagged a couple of bargains at the Co-op. Amaryllis fascinate me with how fast they grow and I love their big show-off flowers.

Our new friends - Minerva and Red Lion:

I've been playing on my new baby and having lots of fun. I started by seeing what the different stitches were like.

However, not being someone blessed with abundant patience I wanted to crack on and make something......anything!

I decided to start with something very simple that would show off some of the stitches but not take hours of complicated sewing to complete.

I seem to be into a bit of a coaster thing at the moment. This one is lightweight denim from a pair of repurposed cargo pants. It's padded with cotton batting and backed with blue checked cotton from a pair of repurposed curtains.

I'm quite pleased with how it came out although I'm not quite sure what I was getting up to in the middle!!!

There'll be a little bit of an announcement tomorrow so make sure you keep the date free in your diary. Cancel everything. Lock the doors and windows.........

Well, maybe you shouldn't go quite that far - it's not going to be that exciting.

Off now to make a cup of tea with which to test my coaster :)


If you want to see something new have a look here!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very fancy-schmancy coaster you've made there! Must have been inspired by those burly scaffolders! I hope you will make the roofers some special coasters for their thousands of cups of tea when they start! I have some brick fabric hidden away somewhere if that will be of any help to you! Lucy xxx

Kitty said...

Now that's a lovely coaster! Have you christened your new machine yet? In our household lots of 'things' have a name.

Oooh Lucy, I have a bit of brick fabric somewhere too - wonder which one of the plastic 'stash tubs' it might be in? x

Bethany Hissong said...

Your coaster is great! I love that the middle designs just wind around on their real flowers! I just saw a coaster swap somewhere...oh, Felicia at Fluffy Flowers posted about it today. HOpe you stayed warm without a roof!! brr. I love your bulbs too... we're nursing our Christmas poinsettia through the winter!

Leigh said...

Your flowers are going to be beautiful and bright!

I love the stitches your new machine makes!! Your coaster thing is adorable.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I will put the date in my book, teehee!

the vicious chicken said...

Aw, what a lovely coaster! It's a very pretty and clever way of showing off those fancy stitches. And obviously, as you know, I'm all in favour of anything that encourages the making and drinking of tea :o)

Looking forward to your announcement tomorrow... I do hope it has something to do with the very intriguing thing I spotted on your profile page earlier in the week...

Ali said...

I grew an Amaryllis for the first time this year and it was glorious (if not a very festive colour - salmon pink!). Must keep my eyes open in the sales for more - I've already cleared Sainsburys of Donna Hay related goodies.

trashalou said...

Umm.. I don't know how to tell you but there is a growth on your profile page.When I tried to scratch the lump it showed me monkees ironically made from socks! Very excited about further details as they occur!

Very clever work on your brand new Speedy Gonzales toy but most importantly - will you be taking pictures of the delightful young men reroofing chez Moog?

Kaz said...

Oooohhh I'm all excited now, I love a bit of suspense, just hope I sleep ok!!

I love the coaster and all those scrummy stitches. I only recently bought my very own sewing machine, but sadly it's very basic and I wish I had yours!

Happy playing

Kaz xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely coaster, make another and I'll come round for tea....We had all our building work (2 storey extension, pitched roof, bathrooms refurbished etc from Oct-Feb, yes, you are mad...beware of builders who disappear to unblock other customers frozen pipes and leave you unloading roof tiles or new bathroom suites from lorried that are in a hurry to drop and leave...and when they break through into the house, make sure they cover the hole (even a dust sheet will make a difference to the draught/cold....) make them lots of tea, with biscuits (they don't care if they're value brands, they go for quantity!) and treat them like humans, discussion not orders, and you'll find they are all lovely and can't do enough for you....Good luck! Fran

Gina said...

Lovely fancy stitching you've done there. Very smart coaster - too nice to put your tea on!

French Knots said...

Hope the builders get the work finished as quickly as the scaffolders.
Great stitching!

Julie said...

I like the sound of "repurposed"! I'm very impressed that you actually made something on day2 with your new machine.....I would still be reading the instructions! :))

Monkee Maker said...

Tee hee, I see you couldn't keep up the suspense until tomorrow - excellent!

Hmm, got the builders in hey? Have you thought about contacting the VC and asking if you can buy a job lot of teabags from her? (I think she may have one or two spare)



Hi Lesley, I kicked over a load of those Amaryllis in our local Co-op the other day, they had plonked them right where I was trying to get to the grapes! I do agree with you though, they do have great flowers, maybe instead of cursing them I should have bought a couple instead? x

Anonymous said...

Amaryllis...I have a bright red one just peeking above the soil (obviously I'm taking it's bright red-ness on trust from the piccy on the box) a pink one (apple blossom? sounds like 'my little pony'!) which id flowering (knocked one flower off with the kitchen blind yest eve, so it's now in the dining room!) and a white one (just joined the pink) whic is just beginning to bloom...I LOVE LOVE LOVE them...if I had a co-op I'd be in there buying them up....can you get them to flower again, anyone???