Friday, January 4, 2008

Newsflash - Monkeenapping in Moogsville!!

Breaking news here live from the House of Moog. Dramatic scenes of monkeenapping have been caught by our roving reporter Ivor Blogaddiction.

At approximately 11.30 this morning in the midst of an ordinary 'Rosy doll meets giveaway friend Martin Lafelt Monkee' photoshoot there was chaos as a lone Monkeenapper broke into the scruffy cluttered mess that some idiot thinks is a conservatory state of the art photographic studio of the 'Artist Known as Moogsmum'.

Above: Rosy doll (left) meeting Martin Lafelt Monkee prior to Monkeenap.

The bold Monkeenapper, described by an eye witness (who was later breathalysed by police), as 'of medium height with wild staring eyes and unusually long upper limbs - oh, and made of two-tone pink knit with ironically stitched seams' stole into the studio bold as brass and whisked Mr Martin Lafelt Monkee from the very lap of Miss Rosy Doll right in front of our photographer.

The first dramatic Monkeenap photo as the napper spots the victim.

Caught on camera - the moment Martin Lafelt Monkee is taken.

Gotcha - the Monkeenapper is snapped red-handed.

Fast getaway. The henious villain races away from the scene of the crime her victim's cries for help heard by our reporter.

A room by room search led to this amazing discovery. In an unprecedented move away from his normal peace keeping duties the Monkeenapper and victim were found with none other than Cedric Splatt, one-time Superhero now, apparently, drawn in to the grim underworld of primate snatching for the Blog trade.

Shocked of Southampton said 'I was devastated! We've always depended on CS and now this. I think I need a gin to get over the shock'.

Events took an even more dramatic turn when the goggle-eyed perpetrator and disgraced hero Cedric Splatt apparently lost interest in their captive in favour of a game of Wii Tennis.

Seizing his moment the courageous Martin Lafelt Monkee made good his escape and is now in hiding.

When questioned at the scene the Monkeenapper, one 'Ruby Monkee' formerly of Bristol and Cedric Splatt former sidekick of the ridiculously talented Mrs Gina Ferrari confessed it was a 'childish game that went tragically wrong'. Mr Splatt said 'We never meant to hurt or scare anyone. Martin looked like he was game for a laugh and we were both a bit crazy after sharing a bag of M&M's at 11.22am'.
Ms Monkee and Mr Splatt are now recovering from a stern sitting on by the Moog. Mr Martin Lafelt Monkee is resting prior to being stuffed into a box and shipped to an as yet undisclosed location.
Disclaimer: I haven't actually gone mad. I thought you'd like a bit of fun. I've been feeling a bit bleurgh and needed to cheer myself up. The effects of the tablets have worn off. I need another gin.
You don't come here for highbrow intellectual stuff, right?
Going now.........


Gina said...

It did the trick Lesley... made me laugh out loud! Sorry you're feeling bleugh too. Is it time for a glass of wine yet???

Gina xx

PS I apologise for the atrocious bahaviour of CS!

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Brilliant, I needed a laugh and you sure gave me one, off to tip the bottle myself. Thanks

Bethany Hissong said...

I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts now!!!! Such drama over there!! Who needs CNN when we have you?! Thanks for making my day :))

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh dear, what on earth do I say about that! How does one follow such comic brilliance with a mere comment! Very very funny Mrs Moogsmum and love Martin lafelt monkey - very cool! Watch this space for some idiotically stitched monkeys made of knit socks - hopefully! Lucy x

Kae said...

Haaaaaaa thanks for cheering me up :D I've got my annual Christmas cold (yeah, ok... it's delayed... still feel bleurgh tho lol) and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool and someone's trying to stick knitting needles into it... so nice...NOT! Lol.
Shall have some wine (purely for medical reasons of course lol) later and hope for the best :)


Kitty said...

I have succumbed to the lurgi with which my smalls have been suffering this week, so I too am bleurgh. That did me the world of good - thank you. x

artisbliss said...

Ha! Have you ever thought of becoming a thriller author? I think you have some built-in characters for such a book.

Julie said...

Fnatastic Lesley! I wish I'd read this earlier in the day, you've really cheered me up too! The sight of all that chocolate was very uplifting - I shall have to hunt out my secret stash! The wine will come out later when I've delivered my DH and his mate to their Friday night hostelry.

the vicious chicken said...

Glad to know that fantastic Martin is now safe-and-sound again (I was getting a bit panicky on his behalf when I was only halfway through reading the story...)

Hope the gin has done the trick and that you feel less bleurgh now.

dottycookie said...

Oh, too funny - watch out Monkeemaker ;-)

Who is that little felted darling? Just gorgeous!

Jodie said...

what do mean thats not high-brow intellectual stuff, there were some very scary adult themes in that story!

cmoon said...

Oh Lesley what a hoot! Big grin on my face here. Martin is just gorgeous.I'm glad he made it to safety.Cheers.*

Kaz said...

OMG!! That has to be the funniest thing I've read all year (I've been reading loads)!

Does this constitute a second entry to win Rosy and now the lovely Martin? ;)

Hope you feel better soon xx

Monkee Maker said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - brilliant!

Did you ever see Mitchell and Webb? When they played a drunken Sherlock and Watson? While reading that I had the music running through my head ..... it went something like this .....

Da da-la da, da da-la da, da da da da da da da da, da da-la da da, etc. (sorry, I got bored of typing that + I kept forgetting the tune)

Smashing. More photo stories please :)

ooh, and if you could show and tell that rather marvellous granny square blanket too, that would be fabulous. Thanks!

weirdbunny said...

Glad to see there's lots of fun and games over at your house ! have a wonderful 2008, I can see the monkey definately is ~ love julia x

katelnorth said...

"Gotcha - the Monkeenapper is snapped red-handed." - shouldn't that be, "caught pink-handed"?

Leigh said...

Teehee! This post was brilliant! I love the monkee mayhem!

Did you use a pattern to make Martin Lafelt?

Leanne said...

Great post Lesley and there I was thinking Ruby was a nice monkee made of knit.

Cowboys & Custard said...

On a gloomy January morn you broke through my grey mood and made me smile... the sun has come out!
Thank you Lesley... you and the monkee's antics are the best tonic for a bleak mid winter day..
Yes a gin with that tonic would be nice too.. maybe later as it is only 9.50 a.m.
Happy Belated New Year to you too..
Hope you and the gang have a wonderful year.

Di said...

Certainly cheered me up!! Happy New Year and enjoy your gin!

Jane said...

Haha, the monkey adventures made me laugh too. Brilliant Jane x